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3d video drivers need updating

Running in Crossfire should only make things better…although I'm not sure if we will see the difference in Rhino.

Most problems with PC Video such as low or limited resolution, flickering or seeing horizontal lines are due to missing or incorrect Video Card Drivers.

Benchmarks are marketing tools used to position a specific product to look better than competitive products.

Benchmarks are not a good measure of real world use or performance.

This will also remove the dll file causing the crash.

Note: As of November 2015, AMD removed the older drivers from their web site.


  1. How to Find and Update Drivers. If a device or piece of hardware is not updating properly, you may need to download the driver directly from the manufacturer.

  2. Discussion Intel HD 620 Video drivers update - Acer, please update. because of the "block" issued by Acer on drivers updating. you need to block windows 10.

  3. D Video Controller Driver. Need vitamin C gummies I received from the Vitamin. updating on a couple of these to help keep my immune Yahoo on its game as we.

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