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Advantages of thermoluminescence dating

This radiation may come from radioactive substances such as. What an archaeologist would be able to measure using this technique is the last time the vessel was heated above 500 degrees celcius, either at the time the vessel was first fired or the last time it was heated if it was used as a cooking vessel.For the dating of palaeolithic sites thermoluminescence (tl) has been.The external dose rate is one of the major sources of error, contributing to the denominator of the age formula to a varying degree, therefore the amount of its influence on the dating result is variable.According to the author the aim of this paper is to enable the evaluation of TL age determinations of flint that has been heated, with some of the parameters used for the determination of age and some of their relationships being discussed.

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Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years so dating is limited to between a few hundred and about 50,000 years.The limitations of the method as well as the advantages are discussed.TL-dating results for two Near Eastern Paleolithic sites (Rosh Ein Mor and Jerf al-Ajla) are discussed as examples. All these data suggest that the artefacts of levels i and ii were heated at the end of ois 5.The method also assumes a ‘zeroing’ event in the life of the material, when it was either last heated or exposed to sunlight.It is shown that for heated flint the reliability of the TL results depend on the proportion of the various dose-rate parameters, and the importance of these in the evaluation of ages.The author discusses the limitations of the method as well as its advantages, the dating of 2 Near Eastern Palaeolithic sites, Rosh Ein Mor and Jerf al-Ajla, being used as examples.Included among these are the presentation of glow curves, heating plateaus and Dplateaus, growth curve(s) ( including correction for supralinearity) and the determination of the alpha sensitivity of each sample, and it is required that equal care be taken in the evaluation of parameters that are prone to variation over time.Results of TL dating that have large components of external dose need to be evaluated critically, with great care being taken when the models used and errors associated with this component are considered.The making of a number of assumptions are required by all dating methods, and it is necessary that these be carefully evaluated for each individual site.To establish the elapsed time since the last time the object, such as a flint, has been heated, dating by thermoluminescence is a useful tool.


  1. Thermoluminescence Dating - Radiation Essay Example. Thermoluminescence Dating. Thermoluminescent dosimetry is developed to.

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