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Aislinn paul and sam earle dating who is paris hilton dating

Also, Dave tries to convince himself that it is ok to be friends with Alli.

"Paper Planes" Part Two Anya grows increasingly worried about her college interview while the urge to do more cocaine becomes stronger.Meanwhile, Riley is relieved when his mother begins talking to him again but grows upset when he finds out her intent. "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Part Two Eli receives help in writing the play from the outlandish Imogen, who encourages him to quit his anti-anxiety medication. and Marisol continues to grow, which worries Jenna.Meanwhile, Riley realizes that neither his family nor Zane is going to change and must make a difficult decision. "Paper Planes" Part One When Anya begins to feel pressure to telling her parents that she didn't get into college and into choosing between Holly J. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers bed bugs in her loft and assumes it is from her new roommate Charlie.Chris, but her world soon starts crashing down as she gets bad news from every corner. grows tired of his parental responsibilities and vies for a way out.Meanwhile, Drew worries about Vince coming after him and reflects on his relationship with Bianca. And due to his Asperger Syndrome, Connor begins to grow curious about girls in inappropriate ways.Meanwhile, Drew thinks the only way to escape his constant terror is to leave Degrassi, which upsets Adam.Also, Dave's feelings for Alli intensify, which doesn't sit well with his girlfriend Sadie."Lose Yourself" Part Two Following Tyson's accident, Jenna and K. "Drop It Like It's Hot" Part Two Alli finds an underground poker group and becomes addicted.She begins gambling her relationship with Dave--and her future."Don't Panic" Part While running for student council president, Katie keeps her relationship with Drew a secret from long time friend Marisol, who also harbors a crush on Drew. "Don't Panic" Part Two Student council candidates Katie and Marisol are in an all-out war as rumors about Katie's bulimia begin to circulate around Degrassi.After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, Eli attempts to apologize to the people he's hurt. Meanwhile, Eli desperately tries to get Jake and Clare to confess their love for each other. Oh's secret relationship puts her job in danger when rumors begin flying. and Anya get dates to prom, a lonely Fiona decides to ask her ex-girlfriend Charlie, which could be detrimental to her sobriety.


  1. Find and save ideas about Melinda shankar on Pinterest. See more ideas about Degrassi the next generation, Degrassi jimmy and Degrassi goes hollywood.

  2. The Degrassi season 10 finale saw the characters kick off spring break with the 'Spring Fling Semi-Formal.' Clare and Eli call it quits after Eli's dramatic plea for Clare's heart; Fiona confesses her love for Holly J and the girls find resolve in their unbreakable friendship; meanwhile, Jenna finally gives birth to baby Tyson!

  3. Season 10 Cast. Argiris Karras Riley Stavros. Aislinn Paul Clare Edwards. A. J. Saudin Connor DeLaurier. Sam Earle K. C. Guthrie. Samantha Munro

  4. Drama · Riley tries to seduce Fiona to prove he's straight but gives up when he realizes how unfair it is to manipulate Fiona's emotions. Sav is confused by Anya's new interest in role-playing. Connor Deslauriers. Sam Earle. K. C. Guthrie. Aislinn Paul. Clare Edwards. Melinda Shankar. Alli Bhandari credit only. Jessica Tyler. Jenna Middleton.

  5. Except for the fall finale, this season again aired episodes on the same nights in Canada and the United States. Three one-hour specials aired, the fall finale, another three weeks later, and the finale three weeks before season 13. The opening credits were revised twice this season, to reflect the changing cast, Sam Earle.

  6. Shane Kippel. Scott Paterson. Jordan Hudyma. Nina Dobrev. Samantha Munro. Raymond Ablack. Argiris Karras. Sam Earle. Aislinn Paul. Melinda Shankar. Jamie Johnston. Charlotte Arnold. John Bregar. Amanda Stepto. Melissa DiMarco. Dan Woods. Stefan Brogren. Pat Mastroianni. Stacie Mistysyn. Christina Schmidt.

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