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Allentown bethleh dating group

nearly 1,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation there. she has shown great courage in the face of a lot of adversity to speak out, go through the process. it has really distanced them from the community in which she grew up in. she's staying strong, doing what she needs to do and getting on the stand again today. there's been a spotlight on the school, the alleged culture at that school.

the search is intensifying for the man accused of bombing a shrine in bangkok, killing 20 people and possible accomplices. i to the acidity in any never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. the defense attorney in opening statements portrayed a different picture of what happened here. he said there is a text message exchange, for example, between the two individuals after this incident where the defendant writes, you're an angel and she we won't get into the facts of the case now. like many survivors, she has faced a lot of adversity in coming forward. do she and her family feel the school turned a blind eye to this kind of behavior? there were traditions that were known by members of the community and i think more could have been done.

trump seeing and treating bush as his biggest threat right now. responding specifically to the immigration plan on monday. a group of fires in northern idaho scorched 90 square miles and destroyed 42 homes. many romantic messages suggest the accuser was willing to meet up with his client. many rape victims te side not to do it because of the spectacle of it.

all while bush is annoyed at having to answer questions about trump and said trying to refer to him as the big personality in the room. in chelan, washington, flames burned through grass and timber. he argues the senior salute could refer to hugging or kissing, not just sex. now the accuser who is now 16 years old sat in court, has begun to tell her story with her alleged attacker right there in the room. what is this young woman's mindset as she face it is process? i think she's hoping for an opportunity to be heard, for the state to present evidence in this case and to get justice. it's someone she knew that had committed this against her. we are going to let the jury decide in this case what's occurred.

authorities released pictures showing the wreckage from the indonesian passenger plane that crashed in the remote eastern region over the weekend. officials said more than 70 rescuers reached the crash site tuesday after being hindered by rugged terrain and bad weather. it really has pushed the family out of the community.

katy tur is in derry where trump is scheduled to speak. often unprovoked, trying to slam him on immigration an the military. you can bet he's going to try to steal the voters, reporters and all of the attention from the other candidates, especially jeb bush. another gruelling day for crews battling # 5 wildfires burning in washington state and idaho. he pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault telling police he didn't have intercourse with the girl and the encounter was consensual. they are speaking out to let it's not easy to go to court, pursue a case.

reporter: when pistorius is released friday he will reportedly go straight to his uncle's sprawling estate a few miles away.

let's get details from first alert meteorologist bill henley. the temperatures never really cooled down overnight. for your ride to work, let's check traffic with jessica boyington. road on the eastbound side, this is where we see the delay always in the morning.

we'll see you back here for local updates in a few minutes. while a massive mudslide swallows part of a town in alaska. have the identities of millions of cheaters been exposed? how the actions of a quick thinking manager avoid add disaster. marco rubio clearly told him to do a four-step button hook not a post pattern and the kid is stuck in the head. according to a new cnn poll just out, it shows hillary clinton is the strong democratic front-runner leading bernie sanders by double digits. paul's that appears to have been around for decades.

breaking overnight, severe weather hammers the midwest as 50 million people brace for new storms today. hackers reportedly made good on a threat to release psonal information of people who used the popular affairs website ashley madison. the quarterback should not get the blame in this case. the nagging political problem she can't turn her back on. both the defense and prosecution re vealing details of a school tradition at st.


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