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This can be considered a case of binge drinking since most people that attend it consume three to five drinks in less than five hours. One study found that among men ages 25–54, about 10% had at least one episode of zapoy in the past year, which can be taken as a sign that one has a drinking problem.Vodka is the preferred alcoholic beverage, and Russia is notably considered part of the Vodka Belt.

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The survey results showed that the frequency of binge drinking was 15.6% in males, 11.9% higher than that for females (3.7%).

In mainland Europe, alcohol tends to be consumed more slowly over the course of an evening, often accompanied by a restaurant meal.

In Scandinavia, occasional bouts of heavy drinking are the norm.

However, there currently appears to be at least some convergence of drinking patterns and styles between the northern and southern countries, with the south beginning to drink more like the north more so than the other way around.

A notable exception to the lower rates of binge drinking in Southern Europe is the Mediterranean island of Malta, which has adopted the British culture of binge drinking, and where teenagers, often still in their early teens, are able to buy alcohol and drink it in the streets of the main club district, Paceville, due to a lack of police enforcement of the legal drinking age of 17.


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