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Aoe online updating launcher

For example, lots of mastruqs in Go D will cast Protection of Discord at low HP, setting max_hp will allow the NPC to not cast this until they reach this percentage.

This range is also purely based on the caster's HP ratio.

I've been seeing lots of the same questions Why is this important It's been a while since I've done a community update, but its time people get an update of the massive amount of work that continues to drive this project.

We should all be very thankful to have such an amazing community with all of the extremely talented and driven individuals that encompass it.

Doubling the current heading values will result in new correct headings.

If you wish to manually fix headings in your quests you will have to look at calls to quest::spawn2, eq.spawn2, eq.unique_spawn, quest::unique_spawn, GMMove, Move PCInstance, Move PC, and moveto.

I will also be posting more regular updates so we can have more updates on the things we are doing and plan on doing community wise.

I also added support to define a valid HP range an NPC will cast a spell.

The min_hp field is the low end of the range and max_hp field is the high end.

== 03/05/2016 == mackal: Implement extra bind points (secondary recall) For SE_Gate, base2 is which bind to use (starting at 1) For SE_Bind Affinity, base1 is which bind to set (starting at 1) For SE_Gate Casters Bindpoint, base1 is which bind to use (starting at 1) There was actually no spells that don't send to the main bind, but it uses a base1 of 1 which matches with SE_Gate This also doesn't break anything == 03/01/2016 == Uleat: Fix for LDo N treasure 'npcs' not leaving a corpse (please report any issues..) == 02/29/2016 == Uleat: Change in Add Item Bonuses - now includes ammo slot for skill mods only.

Defined So D- client Skill Mod Max packet property (client does not show..but, does enforce.) == 02/11/2016 == Hateborne: Added Ignore Spell Dmg Lvl Restriction rule (boolean) to ignore the 5 level spread when checking to add Spell Dmg == 02/10/2016 == Hateborne: Added Flat Item Extra Spell Amt rule (boolean) to allow Spell Dmg on items to be added as raw damage versus scaled.


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  3. The full game is finally, FINALLY available in english. Hopefully the Legend of Xanadu translation goes well. I just, you know, prefer to play the game in my primary.

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