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Bf2 score not updating

Having been part of the initial introduction of Commander Mode in BF2, I am super proud to finally bring it back to the battlefield where it belongs, just as the community so many times has reminded me of it.Battlefield 4 delivers so many unique experiences that quite frankly cannot be found in other games and to be able to top it off with two commanders, head-to-head, in the service of their forces, battling it out until one of them has been declared the winner makes this game the most complete Battlefield game ever. v=dg ZTe Vn M5Sw Now, eight years after BF2’s release, Commander Mode is coming back.Of course, we didn’t want to just take Commander Mode from BF2 and throw it into BF4.We went through a thorough process of updating and perfecting Commander Mode, keeping the core ideas and feel from BF2 while bringing it into the modern gaming era.We made sure the mobile versions of it were on par with console and PC versions, to ensure any Commander can effectively support their team even when they’re away from home.There are basically two ecosystems/loops running in parallel when you play as the Commander: the squad loop and the main Commander assets loop.There is no possibility of going between 1 person and Commander Mode like in BF2.

This was the old Desert Combat team that had joined DICE and now helped us prototype our ideas in regards to teamplay.

On top of these you always have a basic palette of assets available to support your ground troops.

This basic palette includes UAVs for scanning and EMPs (jamming), as well as the Cruise Missile Warning, which designates an area where the enemy missile will strike, allowing your friendly troops to move out of harm’s way before it’s too late.

It was a great and hard-working team with good design thinking which made the weekly iterations on Commander and teamplay really fruitful.

As you can see on these mockups, there are a lot of elements that made it in to the final version.


  1. BF2 Beta - How to flank. I rather get a fun enjoyable full game that doesn't try to live years past its prime by updating. of course not. As far as I know BF2.

  2. BACKGROUND It appears that DICE used Maya as the primary modeling tool to develop the models for BF2. The Problem of updating Battefield modeling. WAM Score; Help;

  3. Do not post personal details or incite "witch hunts" by singling out. and screenshots of either the round score screen or contents of. • Official BF2.

  4. Project Reality A Battlefield 2 and ARMA 2 Modification. Realistic and modern mods featuring a variety of new nations, including the complete British Army, weapons.

  5. Score. 0. FrustratedTV. July 18. you asked "WHY DOES MY SMART HUB HAVE TO UPDATE EVERY. shows a message "updating smart hub". I'm not sure if it.

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