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The “Maidens of London” blamed coffee for their husbands lack of sexual interest.Coffeehouses were really for men only (although pubs and taverns were for all).So logically, coffee caused men to become homosexuals, and perhaps even turn into women if given enough time.Thankfully, to the delight of many coffee-drinking men, this never happened.When brothels were moved above coffeehouses in the mid 1600s, many men would have coffee, a good political discussion, and then move upstairs to visit a prostitute for a final treat.

And for women and men to have some sort of agreement? The effects of caffeine on the body tend to be immediate. Caffeine interacts directly with cells by changing chemical reactions within the cells.Coffee, Sex, Excuses, Internet access at home, or Chocolate?Coffee was only second to sex on the priority list for both men and women.Mark that down, it is one of the few things men and women have ever agreed on. Caffeine indirectly affects cells by increasing epinephrine/adrenaline in the adrenal glands, as well as norepinephrine/noradrenaline hormones. A small amount of caffeine can stimulate the brain cells, improving concentration and reaction times.It can also stimulate the heart, increasing the pumping action.Of course the clitoris and penis are filled with blood vessels, so the logical conclusion is that these organs benefit from increased blood flow, and in turn, enhanced sexual pleasure and performance.OK, OK, can we please finish the article before you dash off to brew that pot of coffee? In a study of sexual activity in the elderly conducted by bio psychiatrists, the conclusion was that with at least one cup of coffee a day, elderly women had a much higher rate of sexual activity, and elderly men had a much higher potency rate. We know that based on other articles on coffee and health, that a moderate intake coffee is probably not harmful, and may even be beneficial. Well it seems that caffeine intake may help in the sexual energy and performance area. Probably not, but it will not cause blindness either.Even big name coffee companies are getting in on the action. A Venetian ambassador to Turkey back in 1571 wrote back home, and basically said that coffee caused men to become homosexuals.He saw Turkish men going to bath houses (where coffee was served), and into coffee houses absent of women.Coffee was used by “experts” to increase sexual pleasure, going way back to the 1700’s.Wives unofficially outlawed coffee, because the men could now really think for themselves (as opposed to the beer or grog induced stupor of the middle ages).


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