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He says that when they turn 12, they are told they are preparing to serve missions, which means not dating because girls are a “distraction.” Robinson said that while the counsel is meant to “protect” the young men, the young men end up hearing, “Girls are bad. Girls will keep me from being able to go on a mission.” Is that a good mentality to teach the young men of the church?Who after their missions are supposed to change their thought process and get married? The scene that was the wedding day seemed to play out in a directed concoction of met and exceeded expectations. Yes, while I expect staying in love will be work, falling in love was easy. So don’t fear if you feel fear—it might not be you, it might just be that you haven’t found them.

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In the For the Strength of Youth, there’s a section on dating.Jump to: We’re surveying people who attend(ed) BYU-Hawaii. *The information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. I really really wish what I was about to say was made up. I was unsure what it would be like to live in the Mormon mecca, aka Salt Lake City, but since moving here I'm very pleasantly surprised and happy to report that it's not as weird as you may think. There's these funny little things like having to buy real beer (more than 3.2% alcohol) at a state liquor store, everyone is married with children even if they're significantly younger than me, and there's a rather schizophrenic personality to the citizens: you're either Mo-Mo and happy-go-lucky or you ain't and you're damn fucking proud of it. Heaven help them, they're hell bent on staying a virigin. Add to it that it's forbidden and now you have a group of hormonally-saturated, unfulfilled virginal, twenty-something-year-olds going off to college, namely Brigham Young University. He said if he had a list, it would’ve said “loves sports.” And if he had only looked for women who loved sports, he wouldn’t have gone out with his wife, who hated sports — and still hates them.“I fell in love with her not because of things I had on my list, but because of the person that she was,” Robinson said.“She was kind and giving and she had a strong testimony, and that’s what I fell in love with.” In his “Just Dinner” firesides, Robinson tells young single adults to just go out to dinner.“If it turns into something, even better,” he said.And a good husband isn’t a list; he’s a good person who’s a good listener and communicator.“If my wife had had a list, she would have never went out with me,” Robinson joked. So here it is: because Mormons are against pre-marital sex, many of the "good" Mormons make it to their twenties as virgins. You have "soaking," that is, you put your dick in her vagina but you don't move. But, I have it from good sources (a few "Jack Mormons," also known as Mormons who were born and raised but no longer practicing, as well as an ex-communicated one). The solution to every religious believer's ultimate dilemna: how do you have sex without having sex.


  1. We've got a messy situation on our hands with the dating culture at BYU-Idaho and pretty much everywhere else for that matter. I describe many of these problems in this video. A student of ours also summarized some of the major points in the video and provided many of her own insights on her blog.

  2. Jan 20, 2015. For all those YSA men out there, here's some advice on how to enter the online dating world or improve your online dating experience, based on many conversations. On non-LDS-specific sites or apps, either add LDS, Mormon or BYU if you're a fan into your profile. She blogs at lizstitt.

  3. Mar 2, 2012. Extra! Extra! BYU Professor Reveals Results of Provo Dating Study. Professor Holman was to reveal his exclusive results from a study he conducted on Provo dating life. I sat in a. Subscribe to the blog feed or "like" us on Facebook to get quick updates throughout the week about our latest articles. Jul. 5.

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