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While the dams and water treatment plant at Tumbling Run are not within the geographical borders of Schuylkill Haven, there is a direct link.

Read all three and enjoy the sensationalism and style of the news reporting of the period.The new house was gaily decorated with flags and bunting and the hospitality of its larder was unstinted during all the afternoon and evening.Steward Schneider furnished the locker with an abundance of knockwurst and cured meats of various kinds, in addition to which was everything usually found on a well regulated collation table, and Bench Miller did the graceful as waiter.On the other hand the murder story is scoffed at by the majority of people who, remembering that Thursday night was cold and particularly cold at the Run, the ground too hard frozen to have left the imprints of carriage wheels.The members of the Newport boat house club do not relish the notoriety they have gained by the blood tracks leading to near their house and the stories that have been in circulation that the body of the dead woman was found in their house with her throat cut from ear to ear.The circumstances gave rise to the belief that a woman had been murdered, carried to the far side of the dam and then thrown in the water.Henry Reichert made the discovery and William Falls who is acting as watchman at a number of boathouses at the Run, states that he heard a carriage pass along the road about midnight Thursday.All the officers and members of the club did their best to amuse their guests and succeeded while enjoying themselves at the same time.The "Nellie Bly" is now in full commission for the season.The murder theory is discounted by the fact that the hair found had the appearance of having been combed from the head and rolled into a ball.The water at the point where the supposed body was thrown is not more then three feet in depth for a distance of 30 feet from the shore.


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