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Chicken soup dating soul

You will be awed and uplifted by these personal stories of faith, prayer, and healing that show a higher power at work in our lives.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game 101 Stories about Looking for Love and Finding Fairytale Romance! This fun new book about dating — whether it sparked a lifelong love or a laugh with friends — will give you a boost as you search for your soul mate.

We hope our books and products touch your life in a similar way. Give the gift of one of our books or products to a family member, a friend, or yourself.

Always a great value, they are a reminder of your love that will be opened and used over and over.

Something that will never stop reading that’s chicken soup no matter what because it’s real story and you can get in touch with people and I am so happy I came across chicken soup because I have made a wonderful friend because of it and may be counting Jack Canfield is an American motivational speaker and author.

He is best known as the co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series, which currently has over 124 titles and 100 million copies in print in over 47 languages.

He attended high school at Linsly Military Institute, Wheeling, WV, 1962. A., 1966; University of Massachusetts at Amherst, M. Canfield married Judith Ohlbaum in 1971 (divorced, November 1976); he married Georgia Lee Noble on September 9, 1978 (divorced, December 1999); he married Inga Marie Mahoney on July 4, 2001; children: (first marriage) Oran, David, Kyle, Dania; (second marriage) Christopher Noble.

With no added corn, wheat, soy, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives, Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food promotes overall health and well-being for dogs and cats.Canfield received a BA in Chinese History from Harvard University and a Masters from University of Massachusetts.He has worked as a teacher, a workshop facilitator, and a psychotherapist.This fun new book about dating - whether it sparked a lifelong love or a laugh with friends - will give you a boost as you search for your soul mate.Read about how couples met, good and bad dates, maintaining the relationship, second chances, the Internet, and all the other ups and downs of dating, love, and romance. Corporate Bios Corporate Media Releases Book Media Releases Awards & Recognition Fact Sheet Celebrity & Business Relationships Licensing Partners International History Media FAQ Co-author Bios Cover Art/Logos , a world leader in life improvement.We have been helping real people share real stories for twenty years, bringing hope, wellness, inspiration and love to hundreds of millions of people around the world.Canfield is the founder of "Self Esteem Seminars" in Santa Barbara, and "The Foundation for Self Esteem" in Culver City, California.The stated mission of Self Esteem Seminars is to train entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders and employees to achieve their personal and professional goals.Chicken Soup for the Soul developed a line of wholesome pet food more than ten years ago—because we know that when you love your pet, every moment matters.We pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated business that offers wholesome and balanced, super-premium pet food to health-conscious customers.


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