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Because to be unchallenged is to be king, and there has been no one unchallenged since Johnny. And anyway, I’d much rather be the President of Late Night.

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This gives you some idea, some hint of what the show is about that night – the things we paid attention to in the news and the social conversation. We try to give it an honest, emotional beginning: How do we feel? That’s the thing that changed how we do the monologue. Variety: You had folks like Tim Cook and Joe Biden a little while after you started on this show. If you’ve been doing comedy for a while your standards are different. If she enjoyed it, if it meant something to her, that’s important. Some of my old writers and producers who don’t work for me anymore. We’ve been talking this week about the events and the response to Charlottesvile … Variety: You recently had Anthony Scaramucci as a guest. At some point in the far or not too distant future, you may not have Trump to rail against.But the national conversation has been swallowed by him, and he’s in front of the lens all the time.He doesn’t want it to end, and in some ways we serve the news cycle. Here’s a choice excerpt: In the end, it’s not the books but the smug, evangelical certainty of Ayn Rand Assholes that causes me to loathe Ayn Rand in a personal way.The thing I liked most about college was being around so many young people who were as earnest as they were dauntingly smart. All that elevated question-asking, and the pliancy of temperament it entailed. Then came Rand, “the Rosa Klebb of letters,” as entertainment journalist Gary Susman calls her, to body-snatch some of the best of them.Many of the nation’s late-night hosts like to keep their audience laughing, even when they’re not on camera. The effort, Colbert said during an interview the next day, left him tired. In an extensive interview that took place the day after that effort and that has been edited for clarity, the CBS “Late Show” host looks forward to new projects, including an animated series about President Trump that he is readying for Showtime, and a potential revamp of his program’s second half hour. I was talking to one of my writers today, and he was pitching an idea. I feel like I went on a bender last night, but all I did was watch the President of the United States, and then watch CNN to see who would burst into tears first, Van Jones or David Gergen. In August, he and his team rushed to put together a monologue in half an hour, the result of President Trump’s now-infamous late-day press conference in which he said many different parties were to blame for the August clash between white supremacists and protesters in Charlottesville, Va.Wish I still had the email address for this kid in my high school econ class who used to carry Rand’s photo around in his wallet and habitually referred to people as “subnormals”, just so I could send him the final, frothing paragraphs of Corsello’s essay.Ayn Rand (2 February 1905 – 6 March 1982) was a Russian-born American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter. Let them come to New York, stand on the shore of the Hudson, look and kneel. This is the caveman's version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge—which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science. Variety: If the Trump phenomenon, for lack of a better word, were to dissipate, do you think it might mean that Fallon’s “Tonight” regains its lead among overall viewers? Colbert: I have no interest in that, the whole realm.Johnny Carson was the last person who could say that. Variety: You’ve called the Colbert character from Comedy Central back on occasion. Colbert: I like him fine, but I think it was fun during the height of the political campaign, when there was some discussion of who would be the next President of the United States. He’s out there like King Arthur, if anyone needs him to come back to be wrong about something on a professional level. But I think I have an intimate enough relationship with the audience that they don’t want him between us. The last time I did it, they enjoyed it, but I think they enjoyed me just being me more – and so do I.


  1. Aug 30, 2012. Paul Ryan was extremely influenced by the writings and philosophy of Ayn Rand. everything except the atheist overtones, which were extremely subtle. B.

  2. Jun 3, 2013. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are satirists and comedians, but to some single liberals they're apparently so much more — namely philosophers. Red Alert Politics was recently given exclusive data about user preferences on RedStateDate and BlueStateDate, which are both online dating sites that cater.

  3. Tip/Wag - Montpelier School District, & Florida Officials. An Ohio school arms its janitors, The Atlasphere helps Ayn Rand lovers find love, and Florida addresses its python problem. The Colbert Report. Clip1/23/2013.

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