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Compatibility dating questions

Now they’ve been married for 17 years and have three kids, the oldest of whom just became a teenager.

Click here to answer personality & compatibility questions - Registered users can answer a number of various multiple-choice personality and compatibility questions.

It was this idea, and his research with fellow psychologist Dr Galen Buckwalter that lead to the formation of eharmony in 2000.

18 years later and we continue to conduct research into what makes some couples work and what makes others break-up.

The Relationship Questionnaire not only helps you find out more about yourself, it’s essential to the eharmony process. In fact, the Chambers English Dictionary defines compatibility as being ‘able to associate or coexist agreeably’.

Your responses to the questions allow us to build a comprehensive personality profile that we then use as part of the process of finding your compatible matches. It’s great if you and your date both like listening to Lady Gaga, for example, but it doesn’t mean you’re compatible. We believe that compatibility helps to create happy, meaningful relationships.


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