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Therefore i believe the median score of 92% (50% cut-off point of all observations) is a more representative reflection of the group average than the mean of 88.5% i obtained for my Haitian sample group (n=45).

I like to emphasize that no fictional national averages are implied.. Even so i think that my sample size (n=45) is pretty robust already and will correlate closely to what is to be found within the Haitian genepool as a whole.

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I also think it is selfdefeating to allow generalizations (often ideologically charged) about European admixture to determine how you should feel about your own unique DNA makeup.

I have sofar seen 5 results for Haitians who are of fully 100% African descent, which represents a share of 11% (5/45) of my sample group. But sofar it seems this -African regional format as defined by Ancestry DNA.

It is very insightful to compare with other “100%” African results from actual Africans.

*** *** In the remaining part of this blog post i will briefly discuss the main differences with my previous findings from last year.

And in addition i will also present some new statistics and background information on the *** The above summaries of my findings are on a whole not radically different from what i established one year ago based on 15 Haitian samples instead of 45.


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