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C., Chicago and Atlanta, and many cities in between. and Frisco, Texas have submitted longshot proposals for the HQ2.

Although it’s clear the Amazon HQ2 will create a significant number of jobs, residents in these metros are still concerned and curious about the impact of a new headquarters on rents. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine how much new housing a metro can build, the amount of slack in the housing market and the impact of an influx of high-wage workers.

Based on our analysis, Pittsburgh renters would see rents rise significantly if Amazon moved to the metro, but rents are starting at a relatively low level, with the city having the cheapest rents of the metros studied.

Even if the metro builds quickly, which we assume they will, prices would rise due to increased competition for apartments by renters with significantly higher incomes.

Additionally, Amazon workers earning six-figure salaries can afford more expensive apartments than the current median price, indicating much of the new construction will be at the luxury end of the market to appeal to these workers.

With an onerous permitting process, San Jose added 3.2 jobs for each new building permit from 2005 to 2015, a figure that is predicted to grow to 4.7 jobs for each new building permit if a new Amazon headquarters comes to the city.

With the lowest vacancy rate of the 15 metros studied, the San Jose metro has very little slack to incorporate the additional workers.

Rents are already skyrocketing in the Bay Area, increasing 57 percent in the San Jose metro from 2005 to 2015.

The addition of Amazon HQ2 would make matters worse.


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