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Dating my third cousin

As a result of this extremely slow and gentle technique the last part of this took several long minutes, Kara at first pushing forwards more with every thrust of her fingers, then when Lena's pussy was stretching as wide as it could around her knuckles she always seemed to pull back. Her family's enemy Supergirl had her whole hand inside her Luthor cunt! The pace then slowly increased, and although it never got to the point where it was painful it became close, although Lena barely noticed as she was too busy cumming wonderfully hard.

The latter became really frustrating, but just as Lena was worrying that Kara was chickening out Supergirl continue to push forwards, forcing the biggest part of her hand past Lena's defences, and then that was it. It didn't even take that long to get to that point, the fact that Kara was staring at her the entire time with such love and care, and being held in Supergirl's strong arms, quickly pushed Lena to the edge of orgasm, and then over that edge.

And I want to just stay in this moment forever, but after all these lies I think both of us deserve the truth. " Kara nodded gently, "Yes" "Well, go on then ..." Lena asked softly, "Ask me anything." Kara thought about this for a few long seconds, then asked, "You knew who I was when we first met?

" "Yes." Lena said softly, adding with a smile, "Or at least, I believe I did. Well yes, but not to find out who you were." Lena quickly clarified, "Just to find out if there was a way to neutralise your powers without using Kryptonite, and most importantly without hurting you.

Although the fact that Kara had just discovered how wet she was already might have something to do with it, and it was kind of embarrassing, but Lena defied any woman to wake up next to the object of their desire and then be kissed by them and to have it not affect them. But as childish as it sounded Lena had literally started it, and Kara was paying careful attention to Lena's every reaction, and it was all positive so far. Especially in one particular area, Kara thought with a slight blush.

Of course that fleeting embarrassment was quickly forgotten as Kara gently rubbed her pussy with one hand while fondling her with the other, and all the while keeping her perfectly balanced in the air. Oh, and then there was the fact that Lena had literally asked her to ravage her, a request that Kara was only too happy to oblige.

To 'punish' Lena for that Kara quickly added a third finger, and then her fourth while rubbing the other girl's clit, making it hard for Lena to return the kiss.

Second-guessing her earlier decision Kara then broke the kiss, rested her forehead against Lena's and looked into her eyes before asking, "Can, can you take more? I promise." For a few long seconds Kara bit her lip in hesitation, then she tucked her thumb into Lena's pussy right next to her middle and ring finger.

The kiss was initially gentle, but Lena made sure it didn't stay that way for long, kissing back enthusiastically in pushing her tongue into Kara's mouth.Everything he had done, everything he was going to do, everything he knew. That way maybe I could stop him from doing something terrible someday in the future. I managed to keep my name out of it, because I didn't want the situation to be tainted, or for people to accuse me of trying to fool them, or whatever nonsense most people accuse me of doing. It was the answer to so many questions, and even though I deleted it afterwards you could never forget the face of God." "I'm not God." Kara interrupted. " "I guess so." Kara grinned as she interlocked their fingers and then quickly added, "I mean, I don't normally sleep with people I'm not in a relationship with, soooo..." "Sooooo..." Lena smiled, and then after another pause asked, "Kara Danvers, will you be my girlfriend? Almost literally, Kara only just remembering to restrain herself she was so happy, quickly murmuring her apologies, "Sorry." "It's fine." Lena gasped, struggling to breathe and not caring. At first Lena leaned in too, then she hesitated and asked, "One thing first? I want Supergirl to ravage me." Kara grinned, "Your wish is my command, Luthor." * Lena laughed. In this case it was a really easy demand to make, as most of the uniform was still on her body. Even though it was such a small change it made a big difference, as an instance it wasn't a dishevelled Kara Danvers in front of her, but the strong and powerful Supergirl, ready and very willing to ravage her, just like Lena wanted.But I also found files on Superman, and every other hero on this planet. "Debatable." Lena smiled, quickly adding, "But so we don't become fixated on the issue, with the power you possess you might as well be a God. They stayed like that for a few blissful minutes, then Lena murmured, "You'll have to introduce me, you know? But you've met her." Kara frowned in confusion as she pulled back. What would her brother give to hear your wish is my command, coming from a Super? She just wanted to hear it from her beloved Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Which was reflected in their first kiss, Kara hovering above her for a few long seconds, and then dropping back down when she was fully dressed and kissing Lena so roughly it almost bruised her lips. But as always, Kara was just gentle enough not to hurt her." Immediately understanding what she was being asked Lena beamed, "Yes! Just as Sara had said, it was easy, surprisingly so, but now for the hard part. Surely if she tried this she would only hurt this woman that she so adored? And yet, after another brief hesitation, Kara did it, albeit while paying close attention to Lena's reactions and going very slowly. Lena had done this before with a few previous lovers, but obviously none of them were the Girl of Steel.It kind of felt like it should be impossible, at least under the circumstances. And maybe both give them an embarrassing trip to the hospital. As far as she had known they'd all been human, with soft human hands who couldn't do her any damage, making this somewhat nerve wracking. "I, I just need a minute." Lena replied breathlessly.However she trusted Kara more than she'd ever trusted anyone before, and while this wasn't exactly something she was expecting from her, especially this early in their relationship, she was more than willing to try. Kara tried, she really did, but only a few seconds later she nervously pushed, "Lena?Especially as Kara was so slow and gentle about it, her obvious nervousness somehow cute and endearing as despite showing her inexperience it also showed just how much she was trying to get this right, and how much she cared for her. " "Kara." Lena opened her eyes a few seconds later and gave the superhero her best 'fuck me' look, before clarifying, "Fuck me." In return Kara gave her an almost worrying look of lust and then the Kryptonian began gently thrusting her hand back and forth, officially beginning to fist her.How could I resist finding out what you look like outside of it? " "Well, there were definitely suspicious things you said. "Soooo..." Kara hummed softly, and a little sadly, after a long pause, "This whole thing WAS about finding out who I was? Not just Supergirl, and not even just Kara Danvers. I wanted all of you." There was a long pause and then Kara asked softly, "But, if you knew, why didn't you just, you know? It was so distracting Lena didn't initially notice that she was no longer lying on the bed, but hovering in mid-air, the only thing keeping her from falling, and more importantly keeping the kiss from ending, being the strong arms of the Kryptonian around her.When she did notice there was a brief moment of panic and she froze up, but then Lena quickly relaxed, reassured that she was in the safest place on earth, a.k.a. Then Kara carefully repositioned them mid-air so she was in the sitting position with Lena on her lap, impressively not breaking the kiss the entire time.Like I said, you did a very good job at making me doubt it." "But, but how did you know? And maybe to confirm my suspicions that your sister was working with you. Because then you and Maggie would team up, and oh, bad idea! And we can hide our relationship in public, if you want.And to give a more effective background check to a few of my employees, and enemies. That I had lost him forever." "I'm sorry Lena." Kara said softly. " Kara insisted, before smiling, "Wow, I guess Maggie was right." "Your sister's girlfriend? " Lena could listen to Kara rambled all day, and something it kind of felt like she did, but eventually she interrupted, "I mean to everyone in your life. It's not easy dating in the public eye, and you'll be dating a Luthor, so they'll be twice as many dumb questions. I don't have that many followers, but I'm guessing that'll change afterwards. Maybe include a photo of us like this, only fully clothed. I mean, I fight aliens on a regular basis, what's a few rude people on Twitter and on the street really going to do? So in the end, all Kara had to do was pull down the top.


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