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Dating raphael tuck postcards

Scroll down and use the category links on the right side to browse our collection and feel the LUV!Tuck is one of the most recognized names in postcard and greeting card publishing.Looking at which Monarch is named on the back can help in dating.That Tuck was able to pick themselves up and reorganize after the shelling they received in the December 29th, 1940 attack on London by the Germans as part of World War II (often referred to as The Blitz) is pretty remarkable.The losses they underwent with the destruction of their London offices were staggering.And although, pick themselves up as they did, they were unable to reach the same heights they had enjoyed prior to the war.

Vintage Valentines as tokens of True Love or obligatory classroom exchanges, vary from sincere and romantic, to silly and frivolous, to the odd and inexplicable.Raphael Tuck were major post card publishers and introduced the Oilette Series of paintings on post cards in 1903.These were organised in sets and all cards in the same set have the same number, and would have been issued at the same time.Their business was one of the most well known in the 'postcard boom' of the late 1800s and early 1900s.Their contributions left a lasting effect on most of the artistic world.This time the damages the company directly suffered were much greater and the German printing industry did not recover as well as they did after WWI.Their recovery was further complicated by the American public's aversion to buying goods marked as German made in the aftermath of the war, putting a dent in the company's US sales.Despite this, they were very prolific, with many cards readily available due to the large quantities printed.Prices for collectors can vary enormously because of this, with values depending on the particulars of the card, including who the artist might be, design intricacy, etc and of utmost importance, the condition of that individual card.Designing was done in their London offices, while the cards were largely printed in Germany.World War One interrupted this chain of production, but after the war Germany returned to its printing endeavors until war would once again break out.


  1. Raphael Tuck & Sons was a business started by Raphael Tuck and his wife in Bishopsgate in the City of London on October 1866, selling pictures and greeting cards, and eventually selling postcards, the latter being the most successful. Their business was one of the most well known in the 'postcard boom' of the late 1800s.

  2. Their second son, Adolph, was chairman and managing director of Raphael Tuck and sons, Ltd. until his death on July 3, 1926. He was honored by being made a baron on July 19, 1910, which honor also fell to his first son, William Reginald and to William's first son, Bruce Adolph Reginald Tuck. Portrait of Reginald Tuck in.

  3. Raphael Tuck VALENTINE Little Boy and Girl in Love Postcard c 1910. $5.99. Buy It Now. Date.c 1910 published by Raphael Tuck - Coquette Valentine Series No 274.

  4. By Bassano Ltd, published by Raphael Tuck & Sons bromide postcard print, 1886. NPG x193628. Lilian Decima Moore, by Alexander Bassano, published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Lilian Decima Moore · Larger Image · Image Zoom · Buy a print · Use this image. by Alexander Bassano, published by Raphael Tuck & Sons

  5. Jun 20, 2007. Tuck is one of the most recognized names in postcard and greeting card publishing. They produced a wide variety of cards including an enormous amount of valentines. The company began in 1866, founded by Raphael Tuck and his wife, Ernestine. Designing was done in their London offices, while the.

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