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Designed to sell updating an 80s bathroom

We get used to seeing ginormous master bathrooms in glossy magazines, but a 5 piece bath isn’t a reality for all of us.

I like this renovation because the redo created a beautiful and efficient space.

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Start your bathroom update by tearing down any wallpaper and painting your walls a more neutral shade that can act as a backdrop to accent more modern colors, such as chocolate brown, lime green, aqua and red. The day I share with you my finished master bathroom renovation!This is the largest project I have ever tackled on my own, and I am really proud of it.While chrome still is in many homes, brass and split finishes have gone the way of mauve and teal.Replace all the metal components in the room, including faucets, shower valves, tub spouts, showerheads, light fixtures, doorknobs and cabinet knobs with a more updated finish.With brass faucets, mauve and teal walls, wallpaper and colored toilets, the hallmarks of a 1980s bathroom really date a home.Give your bathroom a complete makeover to bring it into the 21st century.It looks spa-like even without a giant (but seldom used) soaker tub.I’ve recently come across some terrific bathroom updates in average homes with space considerations: Hi! I started a series on my blog called “Reston Remodelistas,” so my neighbors can see each others’ DIY projects and view the work of local contractors.Replace the frameless mirror or medicine cabinet with one framed in a matching wood to the vanity, or in a clean white or biscuit to match the color of the pedestal sink.Install sconces on either side for lighting to replace the bar at the top.


  1. But who wants to sink a fortune into fixing up a house they're trying to sell? Designed to Sell. Updating an '80s Bathroom. Updating a Home's '80s.

  2. Ways to Spruce Up an Older Bathroom. example of how updating fixtures can revive the bathroom without the need to. color to factor into your design. 3.

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