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Find control in edititemtemplate in rowupdating event

please help me in this problem if possible provide your code here. It seems that the code works only for the Item Template controls and not for the controls which are in the Edit Item Template.protected void Gridview1_Row Data Bound(Object sender, Grid View Row Event Args e) Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.Find Control("chk Is Active1"), Check Box) If (chk Is Active1 Is Nothing) Then Response. To String) Dim original Qty As Hidden Field original Qty = CType(Cart Grid. Find Control("Hidden Field1"), Hidden Field) Label1. = null) // } } protected void Gv_group_Row Command(Object sender, Grid View Command Event Args e) } Gridview1_Row Data Bound fires we get access to the controls which are in read only mode.To String(); //Check Box chk Is Active1 = (Check Box)e.

on rowdatabound,checkbox is null and that's normal,but when you enter the edit mode (when user press the edit button,your grid will call On Row Editing): May I know why do you want check boxes during edit??Is there any reason why there is not a matching Row Editted event...?Find Control("ddl") as Drop Down List; It remains null.................HI, I am unable to find any control in row editing event of gridview that i have put in edit template. NET 2.0 Project Management, Bug Tracking & Task Management - Encourages collaboration, provides transparency and comes with metrics.I have to populate the dropdown control so that in editing the user can select value from the control. JQuery Gantt, JQuery Calendar, Site Minder/AD Authentication, Customizable Languages, Custom Fields, Lucene. Value Dim Items As New Array List Dim count As Integer For count = 1 To Convert. Add(count) Next 'Currently null pointer to my Drop Down List Dim Quantity Text Box As Drop Down List Quantity Text Box = Cart Grid. How ever i can access the controls in row updating . Net Search, and more you are not using a Data Source control which means you need to provide the datasource again to the Grid View and bind it after you set the editindex (call its Data Bind() method) Only after you have bound it again with its datasource you will be able to find the Drop Down List using Find Control: EDIT: you will find other examples that involve the Row Data Bound event too - wherein you could check for the edit mode and still do the same using Find Control Pete, This is what i am doing in Row Editing .I can get the control in rowupdating but my main purpose is to get dropdown in this event and populated dropdown.If you really want them, then add Edit Item Template and add same check box markup...please mark the post(s) the helped you to solve your issue (not your own post),unless non of the posts has helped so in this case,please post the correct solution that worked for you and mark it as answer to help others to return to this thread in case they faced the same issue as you did,thanks!


  1. It seems that the code works only for the Item Template controls and not for the controls which are in the Edit Item Template. Is there any reason why

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