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you can’t talk about the trial” and just sit there and listen. Different restaurants would invite us to dinner, we got movie passes where we would go to the movies on Saturday, things like that. But I think they had artists in there that I think would make sketches of us and they would show it on TV.

On Wednesday afternoons after court, you could have people come down to the courthouse to visit. That’s my one solid memory of the whole ordeal was visiting the courthouse. For the most part, the visits were down at the courthouse in the juror assembly room, but because it lasted so long they had a few outings with visits at different locations. I do remember when they would take us shopping, but I don’t remember the juror [in episode eight] was talking about Target and Ross. This media circus helped prompt the 24-hour news cycle we know today.

When the trial was over, the first thing I saw was Chris Darden talking and the Goldman family. And then Fred Goldman got on TV and was saying how “justice wasn’t served.” And I couldn’t understand that because, you know, I felt I did what I had to do.

He wasn’t happy with the verdict, but to say justice wasn’t served?

The only memory I’ve retained from that era is chasing a boy through a maze of sullen wood furniture in a room marked by high ceilings and thick tension. There may have been one or two black jurors who sat at the table with them.

Simpson trial, barely sentient as the so-called “trial of the century” dominated talks, televisions, and tabloids. It seemed like all the white jurors kind of ran to the tables and sat down together.

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They would admonish them, letting them know that, “This was number 1233 calling … They didn’t want to take us places where people might recognize us, but our faces were never shown on TV — although the trial was televised, they never showed us. Simpson: American Crime Story and watching that video of David Schwimmer saying “Juice” on loop, I decided to give Sheila a call to find out what the trial was like from someone who lived it, and how Ryan Murphy’s reimagining of the case squares up to reality. Then everybody said, “Oh my goodness, this is the for the O. Was there a racial divide like it was shown on the show? When we first arrived, it was pretty close to lunchtime after we had checked into our rooms. We were all in the jury assembly room one day, and then all of a sudden all of the key players walk in the to room. J., his lawyers at the time, Marcia Clark, and Bill Hodgman [the original co-counsel before Darden]. I can’t remember if it was Martin or Seinfeld, but certain jurors wanted to watch one thing and other jurors wanted to watch something else.You would come on Sundays, that’s when it was family time for about three hours. You know, you could sit outside with your family a couple of times. When you were on that jury, did you have any idea the extent of how big this case was? We couldn’t even look outside when we were in the courtroom. We weren’t allowed to go to the window and look out and see stuff like that. You could kind of hear the chatter, but we were so far up, on the eleventh floor or something, so you couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying.They would always take us through the back entrance of the court building and we’d go underground.And then later, I saw what the reactions were when blacks heard the verdict and then when whites heard it. Seeing the complete opposite visceral reactions, were you disgusted by the cheers? Even in the jury, when we were still in the jury panel, I started crying before I even left out of the courtroom.I think it was tears of relief that it was over, and then when I saw the Goldman family, Kim Goldman crying, I felt bad for them. But at the end of the day, two people were murdered. I received the juror summons in the mail and reported downtown to the criminal courts building, not knowing it was the O. Finally we were given this nine-page questionnaire to fill out. Did the Martin versus Seinfeld thing really happen? There were thousands of people there and we kept coming back to the courtroom about once a week or so for a few weeks. I think they saw it as a chance to make some money. There were occasional disagreements when it came to things like what they showed in the series, watching TV — Yes, I wanted to ask you about that one!I think the biggest misconception is they feel we really didn’t deliberate.They were upset that it only took us about four hours. They knew we were getting to the end, and everybody wanted to go home.


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