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But instead of being stripped of his pieces, he's traded to Sairaorg, heir of the Bael clan. Will his intervention be enough to help certain characters survive? After Naruto sealed the Jūbi into him, and died from it.

With a new start, he'll make new bonds and grow stronger not for oppai but to show the woman he fell for how big of a mistake she made. When Ron Weasley realized he was reborn to the world with his memories mostly intact, he felt it was a second chance to do better. He was then pulled from death by Hagoromo to meet someone.

However as an old threat rises in a new world he has been tasked to take up the role of savior once more.

Smarter Natsu, non-godlike(most of the time)Natsu, Natsu XHarem. He wasn't the strongest, smartest or even the fastest, but if there was one thing Jaune Arc was confident in, it was his culinary skills.

With his life turned into a Game, Harry now has to raise a Phoenix, uncover the Founders' darkest secrets, deal with political manipulations and live through Hogwarts all while trying desperately to not swear too much. Inspired by Juubi no Shinju's Into the Edge of the Naruto-verse, the cast of RWBY and a few special guests are brought together to watch the various paths of Jaune Arc.

Issei was relieved from Rias after he freed her from Raiser. Can their mysterious host aid them in preparations against Salem and her agents?

Currently, I only have one subject I like to write for on this website and that is Naruto.

Some harem if it's somehow believable and well written instead of being a "Gotta catch them all" campaign.A few small changes can make a world of difference. However, he slowly realizes that this world was different from his own. And that someone want's to meet and ask for his help. The Overlord was once the most powerful person in Remnant being able to create his own Grimm and send them to fight other Grimm as well as humanity.Knowledge given at the beginning of ones can career can turn a hopeless loser into a shinobi of strength and skill. He was sent to this world, and he was going to save it. Naruto x Anko x Kurotsuchi x Mabui Everything was good, We were just returning from a succesful mission and saving the world once again, but it's interesting how things can go to hell in less than a second, I don't even know what to think anymore... Making new friends and earning new enemies, he has to use his experience from his previous life not only to reach his goals, but also to survive. At the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry sees his chance to strike down his enemies - and takes it. Join Naruto, the new Jūbi jinchūriki, and the new Sekiryuutei, in hopes of fulfilling that certain someones wish in bringing everlasting peace to a world that is plague with war. He had conquered the world, but it all came crumbling down when one of his Queens betrayed him and killed him.A few embellished documents and a deal with a 'family friend' had gotten him into Mistral's Sanctum Academy.He was well on his way to achieving his dream, but anything built on a foundation of sand cannot stand.So being back in his body as a 14 year old he didn't expect that when Kisuke asked him and Aizen for help for a experiment. Through a simple misunderstanding, Naruto will emerge to become something that the world needs. In a random act, Jaune decides to open a massage parlor! See where he starts a new chapter while still trying to become a Huntsman, while also making friends with both civilians, Huntsmen, and ... However, in his blood legacy, is something powerful.Having a busty bunny lady in his head too, he also didn't expect that. With the powers of Light and Darkness, Naruto will bring change to the world. The power to form a contract with the most powerful of Remnant. Watch as Jaune Ryu-Long rises from banishment and show the world his power and legacy.I enjoy writing and I consider my skills to be somewhat adequate.It is my hope that by submitting a few stories to this website that I may be able to get good critical reviews from my peers and improve my writing over time for your reading entertainment.How would the presence of a certain deaf girl chance his world? Even after his protecting nature cost Jaune the ability to hear, his dream of being the strong Hunter from the stories wouldn't end. Despite being a criminal for hire, her loyalties only consisted of Numero Uno. He'd never have thought that he'd end up falling through the Mirror of Erised to a world called Remnant. A powerless 19 year old Ichigo Kurosaki has been abandoned by all but one of his friends.And how would his presence affect the life of a loner girl? Jaune would learn to be a little sour and Neo would learn the ways of sweet. Forced to watch the ones he loves murdered before his very eyes. Meeting an old wizard and being taken on as his pupil, five years later he prepares to enter Beacon Academy as the esteemed Headmaster's Apprentice. Deciding that a change was needed, Ichigo moves to Kyoto, where a chance encounter changes his life once more. And what will become of the hero of the winter war? )When Jaune's forged transcripts were rejected, his only choices were to return home or stay in Vale. Jaune, formerly known as Arc, is banished from the family.


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