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If you really want to date a Ukrainian lady – you have come to the right place! In case you did not get her quote and subtle humor she is from Australia and now lives in the USA. I have never lost the love of traditional style shooting so I know nothing of sights, long rods, kissers, clickers and such like and I still shoot predominantly wood arrows.In the pursuit of my ultimate goal, which is to hit any target at any distance I have shot both in target and field and have employed gap shooting, string walking, face walking and a number of other techniques, my favourite however is instinctive which I feel embodies the true spirit of man becoming one with his bow. I operate an archery business which has me teaching and coaching both novice archers and those with many years experience, part of the business involves making custom arrows and strings and as such I am around bows and arrows all the time... Because of what I do I have the opportunity to try out, use and experiment with a huge range of kit - hopefully you will find some of that experience interesting if not useful, of course one mans meat is another mans poison - Despite the fact that I am always happy to offer my opinion on any and all subjects, whether asked for or not this whole website isn't really about us at all, it's about the archery.

Chat with Russian ladies is always exciting and entertaining. As well, you will have a chance to get to know each other better and understand if you match or not.

Video chat is yet another useful instrument of getting along with Slavic girls.

You can see your partner live (to make sure that she’s as beautiful as on her photos), have prolonged conversations and learn each other.

His contributions to the chat dynamic are very much appreciated! Able to state his views quietly and firmly without aggression. Another quiet, self-deprecating fellow who lives in California. A serious cyclist with 1,000s of miles under his belt and very knowledgeable about biking and bicycles. Opinionated, but willing to be convinced otherwise.

His only flaw appears to be his loyalty to the UNC Tarheels.


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