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In keeping with this University policy, if charges of sexual harassment are made, the existence of a consensual relationship in any of the contexts stated above shall not be a defense in any proceeding brought by the Office of Residence Life and Housing, Office of the Provost, or Office of Human Resources.

Individuals who violate this provision are subject to the range of discipline listed in the sexual harassment policy under the appropriate “Resolution” section.

Field study of modern sediments and ancient sedimentary rocks.

Physical and biological features of modern sedimentary environments are examined to provide the basis for interpreting ancient environments in the rock record. 3427 Rocks and Rock-Forming Minerals Prerequisites: GEO 1405 (or equivalent) and CHE 1302 (or concurrent enrollment).

Several academic institutes dedicated to special subjects—Conflict Management, Christian Spirituality, Civic Leadership and Sustainable Practice, for example—round out our offering.

Speaking of graduate school, we also offer more than 48 degrees, plus 21 certificates and endorsement programs at the graduate level. Because Lipscomb’s commitment to providing a fully rounded education doesn’t stop at academics, we offer programs that integrate learning with service, travel, ministry, and more.

These aren’t degree tracks; rather, they’re opportunities to discover and develop yourself as a whole human being. Lipscomb students have the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally for a week, a month, or a semester.

Introduction to the study of the earth by quantitative physical methods, especially by seismic reflection and refraction, gravity, magnetic, electrical, and radiation methods.

3325 Earth Materials A study of mineral and rock groups, their composition, properties, occurrence, and identification. Rock, mineral, and fossil collections are required.


  1. Undergraduate Courses. The number of lecture and laboratory hours per week is indicated by. and methods of the geosciences applied to solving archaeological problems. Exphasis on stratigraphy, soils, climate, dating techniques, site formation, and site preservation related to both new world and old world archaeology.

  2. In addition, no faculty member, researcher, graduate student, visiting student, or undergraduate course assistant shall initiate or engage in a romantic or sexual behavior with any student, including a graduate student or DCE student, who is enrolled in a course taught by that individual or otherwise subject to that individual's.

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