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Holly not dating hef think about dating

We get that they're twins, but we were still a little bummed out to hear that Hugh Hefner can't tell two of his three girlfriends apart.

Honestly, if you look quickly at a photo of Hef's latest batch of ladies, it's even a bit hard to distinguish 22-year-old Crystal Harris from the 19-year-old Shannon sisters.

The heavy metal frontman met the erotic actress at one of the mansion's Midsummer Night's Dream parties, and the two have been living together in unwedded bliss since 1985.

Carrie Leigh Playboy Playmate Carrie Leigh was 19 years old when she moved into the Playboy Mansion to live with boyfriend Hugh Hefner (who was then 56).

A Canadian TV series called "Thrill of a Lifetime" helped make Shannon Tweed's dreams of Playboy stardom come true.

The show arranged for Shannon to pose for the famous men's magazine, and she became Miss November 1981.

But when a teenage extra named Barbara Klein started "acting" like Hef's girlfriend during episodes of the series "Playboy After Dark," she soon found herself cast in the real-life role, too.

Her new beau suggested she change her name to Barbi Benton, and a '70s pop-culture icon was born.

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Shannon left Hef to pursue her acting career, but luckily for Gene Simmons they stayed in touch.

Their roller-coaster romance lasted five years and suffered a string of dark times, including the Meese Commission pornography investigation, the death of Playmate Dorothy Stratten, Playboy Clubs shuttering across the country, and Hef's stroke in 1985.

But Hef was still not prepared for the end when Carrie dumped the millionaire over the phone and then slapped him with a million palimony suit.

But luckily for Hef, either Karissa or Kristina has a small mark on her neck that helps him crack the bombshell code. Or is the world's most legendary bachelor just getting that old?

Maybe it's the age difference; we know we can't always tell friends' babies apart, and there's a much shorter time span between us and newborns and Hef and his babes.


  1. Jun 9, 2016. Madison, meanwhile, seems to assume that the world sees her “romance” with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner as the ultimate fairy-tale fantasy, with her as Cinderella and Hefner as an aged, half-deaf, doddering Prince Charming. She adorably feels like she needs to reveal that Hefner was no virile Casanova.

  2. Jun 29, 2015. Holly Madison is not holding back when it comes to her tumultuous past relationships. In new revelations from her memoir, Down the Rabbit Hole.

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