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So this blog post will a sort of catharsis for me in order to get my chaotic thoughts down in word form in order to process my turbulent emotions.

Coffee Camp, Kasese August 18 – 23 I was originally asked by some Peace Corps staff members to help out with filming a promotional video for a Coffee Camp that would be held in Kasese to the far west of Uganda.

As it turns out, it’s not uncommon to see 12 year olds blackout drunk on the village streets at night or 13 year old girls carrying their babies to school.

It is because of this reason that Sarah along with the the Bukonzo Joint Coffee Cooperative decided to put on this camp.

We turned off of the main Kampala-Fort Portal road and instantaneously the tarmac gave way to a potholed dirt road.There were hairpin turns at almost every single point, and our driver had to honk the horn before turning so that incoming boda bodas and cars would know to slow down in order to avoid a collision.As we drove deeper into the inroads of the foothills the dirt road disappeared completely and became a dry riverbed of stones.We continued on our way to the Kasese district which was absolutely gorgeous.As we transitioned from the central regions to the west the landscape changed from farms of matooke to open fields and the rolling foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains.As per usual, there was a tea break between every major meal; however, locally roasted and brewed coffee was served in lieu of tea.I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of drinking the rich flavor of the coffee that was served during each coffee break along with seeing the gorgeous view of the surrounding environment.Even wild Arabica coffee plants were growing on the pathways to the pit latrines.In the background of the school I could see mountains towering in the distance with clouds peeking behind their shadows, and even the school campus has gigantic boulders shaping the natural shape of the school campus.This camp was all for them, and my job was to film videos documenting what the camp was about and the experiences of the students, staff members, and camp facilitators.There wasn’t a single angle where the view wasn’t amazing and awe-inspiring.


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