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Most of the seats were taken in both areas, but the patio was large and had many outside tables. Has nothing but hot blond bartenders and go-go dancers in cowgirl outfits. This was a typical high-energy club with extremely attractive women that were, for the type of venue, very approachable. This was a cool, rockabilly-meets-goth-meets-punk themed night that moves all around Sydney bringing super high-energy rockabilly and punk bands to a very diverse and made-up crowd.

Despite being very punk oriented and alternative (Makeup, corsets, vinyl, etc) everyone was EXTREMELY NICE. Opening was a breeze and conversation (though sometimes dull) was VERY easy. Outside, there were merch booths, a semi-bar and a grill (apparently, in Sydney, you have to sell food if you sell alcohol), and it is where most of the crowd congregated when the bands or burlesque shows weren’t going on inside.

Though, because of the variety, there were only select numbers of each (tall, skinny blondes or petite brunettes, etc).

The patio was jam-packed by 10 and included an outdoor bar.

Dress code is casual hipster, but get there early because the line was immense at midnight. One of us, literally, had a 2 hour liplock session with a 6″1 Brazillian blonde within minutes. We were whisked in the back entrance and up to one of the tables that started as a restaurant portion, but when the glass doors between the packed dancefloor/bar-area were slid back, the two areas merged and suddenly we were in an ultralounge. AMOG TIPS: Australians can be very AMOG-happy, especially the more drunk they get. Look up the article “The Short & Small of Getting Cockblocked & AMOGGED.” If you’re intending to hook up with a super-attractive woman, be prepared for the competition and both the physical and verbal aggressiveness that will follow suit.

Cheap drinks, but the band area is loud (unless you happen to luck into a few mellow bands, like we did). The Gaff (16-18 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst Syndney): This is the fun, sexy version of Sydney’s Saddle Ranch. Easily a 25% chance increase in makeout/lay by simply walking in and being aggressive. Not for the weak of heart if you have problems with Ivy (320 George St, Sydney): Ivy is a classy establishment with a million different areas divided within. Black Cherry at The Factory (105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville): /presale /door.

We’re pumped to announce that this Friday, February 23rd, Elite3 will be streaming Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! In case you’re unfamiliar with Elite3, they’re mostly known for their Pokemon ‘Bridged’ video series.

MUM at The World Bar (24 Baywater St, Kings Cross): /door. Bar was easy and people were super-polite, opening was very easy and the indie girls were very open and responsive. Makeouts everywhere and oozing with raunchy abandon. The place is huge, with several floors and many different areas to suit all preferences, but show up early, as the trick is getting inside!The real prejudice seems to be reserved for the aborigines and homosexuals.Overall, Sydney was a blast and the people were very welcoming and easy to open.I made a ton of new friends at World Bar that were willing to show me around for the rest of the week I was there and made a few great and lasting friendships!The more exclusive clubs are tougher to open, like always, so get that stack tight and get your game face on.Inside was a sort of hollowed-out proscenium theatre with no seats and a few parking stations, much like any concert, though it was all carpeted (weird).A large bar in the back generated huge lines, but offered cheap drinks (in WAX/PAPER cups?? No real place to sit down or isolate, but everyone was friendly enough to stand around and chat for hours. Back again with another edition of your favorite globe-trotting article series: Where to Pick Up Girls!We’ve been getting some quite interesting attention for this series and, since we’ve just come back from one of the most beautiful places in the world, (Sydney, Australia) we find the notion of not giving you a full run-down of the places and people, OUTRAGEOUS!Similar in style to Los Angeles clubs, there are tons of birthday parties and tourists out to look cool.Women are super attractive and men are generally cordial if dominant, no AMOG problems.


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