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Invalidating childhood

The person’s feelings are reflected back as a way to convey understanding.

They reported feeling judged and corrected when the traditional cognitive-behavioral techniques were utilized. She stepped back and started developing a more effective type of treatment for these patients and, thus, DBT was born.

For example, a parent may say, “I hear you and understand that you want to go out with Joe Friday night.

However, after staying out past curfew last weekend I do not think going out this weekend is a good idea.” In doing so, we use coaching techniques of honoring how the person is feeling while also respecting their goals.

At the core of DBT is the understanding of emotional dysregulation. Linehan as “…pervasive dysfunction in the emotional regulation system” (Miller, Rathus, & Linehan, 2007).

This dysregulation affects both positive and negative emotions and is often produced by the presence of emotional vulnerability.


  1. I think one of the most covertly abusive aspects of the narcissistic relationship is psychological and emotional invalidation. childhood after the N.

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  3. Development of a measure to assess invalidating childhood environments in the eating disorders. Mountford V, Corstorphine E, Tomlinson S.

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