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Is delonte west dating lebron james mother

Lebron’s father Anthony Mc Clelland left Gloria when he found out she was pregnant.The two had been casual sex partners prior to the news.Her mother had a large house and when Gloria was unable to pay for it, she was forced to move from place to place.His mother hadn’t graduated high school, let alone college.When Le Bron found out about this during the 2010 playoffs, he was evidently so distraught that he played very poorly—the Cavs were eliminated in the second round.“His middle name is Delonte but I didn’t want to name him Delonte West Jr.He is only a few year Lebron’s senior but calls Lebron his “role model.” At the end of the 2009-2010 season, rumors circulated that Gloria was having an affair with Le Bron’s Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Delonte West.

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Multiple posts even include him wearing Le Bron’s championship rings.

The bizarre story claimed to explain the Cleveland Cavaliers' poor play and unexpected collapse in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

While an attorney for King James has formally denied the "idiotic and 'off the wall'" speculation (which appears to have absolutely no legitimate foundation), one former player is speaking out to the contrary.

Gloria lived with her mother throughout her pregnancy and after Lebron was born until her mother died when Lebron was three.

When Le Bron’s grandmother died of a heart attack, Gloria was left all alone to raise him herself at the age of 19.


  1. May 21, 2010. By now, you've heard it LeBron James played poorly because he found his mother was sleeping with his teammate. We've put together a handy timeline to help you trace how ludicrous email forward gained traction.

  2. Aug 5, 2014. I'm not sure anyone's had a more bizarre fall from grace than former NBA player Delonte West. It all started in the 2010 playoffs when rumors began circulating about a love affair between Delonte and LeBron James' mom, Gloria James. The subsequent loss to the Celtics combined with LeBron's poor play.

  3. Jan 2, 2016. Delonte West, the mercurial basketball player who once played alongside LeBron James, took shots at his former teammate via Instagram in recent days. West, who last played in the NBA's D-Leauge, apparently has bad blood with the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and even placed James' mother in the.

  4. Aug 9, 2014. One of the biggest and most infamous rumors in the modern history of the NBA is that former Cleveland Cavalier Delonte West had slept with ex-teammate LeBron James' mother, Glorida James. The rumors ran rampant during King James' final season in Cleveland in 2010 before he took his talents to.

  5. Jul 10, 2014. LeBron James' biggest fan is his mother, Gloria James and it is pretty well known that LeBron would do anything for the lady that single-handedly raised him.

  6. Sep 30, 2017. But Braxton did little to quell these rumors herself, saying "I've at least heard of them but as far as dating, whether it's true or not, I can never kiss and tell.". Back when LeBron James and Delonte West were teammates on the Cavs in 2010, West reportedly had a relationship with James's mother, Gloria.

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