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Is he married or dating someone else

And in case you were curious about the K-1 visa procedure (I know I was), here is some info from Wikipedia: A K-1 visa is a visa issued to the fiancé or fiancée of a United States citizen to enter the United States. Once the couple marries, the foreign citizen can adjust status to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States (Green Card holder). citizen petitioner within 90 days of entry, then he or she must depart the United States within 30 days.

A K-1 visa requires a foreigner to marry his or her U. Although a K-1 visa is legally classified as a non-immigrant visa, it usually leads to important immigration benefits and is therefore often processed by the Immigrant Visa section of United States embassies and consulates worldwide. The great majority of K-1 visas applied for are granted.

Love comes last, and if it’s always been this way in your relationship, there is a good chance that it won’t change.

He’s Possessive It’s okay for someone to be a tad possessive at first. But you two have been together a while and he’s still being extra clingy, it’s a habit he’s probably not going to break. And that kind of man isn’t worth walking down the altar with.

He’s Narrow Minded Guys who are narrow minded really frustrate us, don’t they?

We just wish they would be more open to doing something other than watching sports all weekend, and we wish they would stop making snap, judgemental comments about people.

It’s a sign that he doesn’t care enough about you (or anyone for that matter) and probably won’t be changing in the foreseeable future. But as the movies teach us, those who break their promises suck (it’s usually dad’s breaking their promises to their kids, and yes, they suck.

And can you imagine what would happen if you guys had kids and he broke his promises to them, too?!

In simple English, he’s disrespecting you and the relationship, and taking you for a fool.

If you’ve caught your man lying red-handed on more than one occasion, you’ll need to consider the very real possibility that he isn’t worth marrying.

He Doesn’t Put You First If a man doesn’t put you first, you have to ask yourself the question – when will he put me first? Guys who don’t prioritise their women are instead in the habit of prioritising their buddies, their work or their hobbies.

In 2009, 95 percent of the K-1 visa applications were approved: out of 29,127 K-1 visas applied for, 27,678 were issued, and 1,449 refused, and 1,266 were waived/overcome.

Imagine if you married a guy…but then realised he had bad habits that couldn’t be cured?


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