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This new Vertigo wants the Arrow dead and if that interrupts a certain long-awaited romantic date, so be it.As Oliver arrives at the restaurant for his date, he’s unaware he’s been tracked by Vertigo’s henchmen.

Ray recognizes that Felicity used to work at Queen Consolidated and it’s obvious he has his eye on her for more than one reason.Oliver wakes to see Felicity knocked out and bloody.He brings her back to the Arrow cave where Roy (Colton Haynes) finds a tracer on Oliver’s jacket, a tracer Oliver missed because he he lost his focus pondering a relationship with Felicity.Embarrassed, Felicity remembers she was chewing a pen when they met.Showing how much of an impression she made on him, Oliver remembers her pen was red.While a beaming Oliver plans for the big night out and multitasks on a mission to see if Felicity likes Italian, forces in Starling City are conspiring against him and when they are through, Oliver’s hopes of a normal life will be dashed.The first threat is in the seemingly innocuous form of Ray Palmer, played charmingly by former Superman Brandon Routh.While he was gone, he could never completely trust anyone and only saw people as threats or targets.When he came home, he couldn’t turn that part off until the moment he walked into her office. Felicity was the first one he could see as a person.After they lose the company to Ray, Felicity chases after a despondent Oliver After the last twelve hours, Oliver thinks being anything but the Arrow might be impossible and he’s afraid of what would happen if he let himself be Oliver Queen.Vertigo still remains a problem and when Team Arrow realizes he plans to take down the other crime bosses at a heavyweight title fight, Oliver tells Roy to suit up.


  1. Oct 9, 2014. As Oliver arrives at the restaurant for his date, he's unaware he's been tracked by Vertigo's henchmen. to repeatedly escape Amanda Waller's clutches in Hong Kong, we meet Oliver's new handler Maseo Yamashiro Karl Yune and his wife Tatsu Yamashiro aka the DC heroine Katana Rila Fukushima.

  2. Image · Karl 0 references. sex or gender · male. 1 reference. imported from · Italian Wikipedia · country of citizenship · United States of America. 1 reference. imported from · German Wikipedia · given name · Karl. 1 reference. imported from · Italian Wikipedia · date of birth. 16 April 1975. 1 reference. imported from.

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