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Large intimidating dogs

Some people may consider a 50-pound husky to be “large,” while others may think that the term only applies to Great Danes and other dogs topping the 150-pound mark.Ultimately, any definition of “large dog breeds” is somewhat arbitrary, but, for our purposes, we’ll consider large dogs to be those with a body weight between 50 and 90 pounds.How rude of me to ask him to show the rest of us common decency.Two Briards chasing my terrorized dog over such a long distance that we had to look for him for twenty minutes afterwards. Some want a lap warmer, while others want a companion for their kids.

Owner’s reaction: “: The dog “doesn’t like shrieking, so she started chasing. To the educated eye, sure, these two dogs had good intentions and they are not even that rough, but that mother’s fear is legitimate. From her perspective, two huge strange dogs are charging at her kids.This huge Argentinian Mastiff went out of her way to attack my dog (we were nowhere near them), leaving several puncture wounds needing veterinary attention.Owner’s reaction (when visited by the animal control police, as his dog had repeatedly attacked other dogs): “It’s a dog eat dog world. Everyone is victimizing my dog.” He later physically threatened complaining dog owners.Owner’s reaction: “That woman is always bothering me! Many large dog breeds make wonderful pets, but they also present several unique challenges for their owners.We’d consider dogs in excess of 90 pounds to be “giant” breeds, but don’t worry – we’ll still cover them here.Large dogs have been around for nearly as long as humans have been living alongside domestic canines, and they've been developed for a variety of different purposes.This Black German Shepherd who repeatedly steals away a couple of toddlers’ football, eventually puncturing it, and preventing them from getting to it.Owner’s reaction to my shocked look: “It’s a dog park [It wasn’t…].These are a few of the shocking incidents that I see day in, day out, with large breeds.Muzzled German Shepherd repeatedly attacks my dog while I am walking with my 1-year-old child. I am “being hysterical” (I sternly tell him to get his dog on-leash), and “the dog is muzzled, he can’t do anything”.


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