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She explained that sexual abuse was increasing as Palestinian refugees from Syria and Syrian refugees continued to flee into the camp, placing more pressure on existing communities.

In addition, she said many men struggled with their changed identity after they were no longer seen as breadwinners.“Men usually ask kids to come to their homes, go to an empty school or out in nature, in a far away place,” she said. They are not put in jail.”Ismail said she worked with the perpetrators, as well as victims, to understand why it was happening.

The way to change that is to cut all funds supporting despots, tyrants and non Democratic governments.On October 31, Michel Aoun was elected by parliament to the presidency, ending more than two years of political deadlock.Observers considered the 2009 parliamentary elections peaceful, free, and fair.UNHCR is not sure of the exact extent of the problem because survival sex is highly under-reported,” Russo said.But in a conservative culture that rarely speaks about sex or abuse, justice is rare. We are going to back to the old days, where women are being enslaved and sold off. First step is for all Democracies to set up a new international organization of Democracies replacing the defunk UN. You all know exactly who is responsible for international terror and that is Islam, Sunni or Shiah, both are culprits of crimes against humanity. Yet, by jumping to the rescue of baby ISIS, it seems that what is happening now in Syria was the plan all along.The best strategists money can buy can make mistakes sometimes, but not foreseeable blunder after blunder.Psychologist Rewida Ismail works with children and young people in Ein el-Helweh who have been exposed to violence and sexual abuse.As we walked through the camp, she explained that stories of sexual abuse were not uncommon.“There is harassment between children and children, men and boys and men and small girls. It is not uncommon for an 18-year-old man to abuse a 10-year-old girl or a 40-year-old man to abuse a 10-year-old boy,” she said.“In some cases parents do know, but then many other parents are not aware and the children do not tell them.”“They are not held to account. Back in the center, Abdul struts into the room with a beaming smile.“He will not talk about what happened to him,” Sabeen, who was born in the camp, warned.“We just want to let him forget what happened, so we haven’t talked about it since.


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