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Its interface, which is the primary screen that users interact with when using their email service is very similar to it’s main competitor Gmail.It has a more orderly and transparent background, and a bar can be used for hidden folders.It also has other interesting applications built in and around your email panel that can be tweaked to your liking within your email settings tab.For more information about how to set your default preferences within Yahoo’s new web mail see our other post on this site.

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Mails Order In addition, the application implemented “conversation view” that lets you group related e a particular theme for better reading.

We hope that the tutorials to create accounts and sign in have been useful, soon we will be adding new mail services and social networks.

Before we say goodbye we wanted to recommend some of our favorite services that we added to our list.

On the other hand, this renewal comes on the 16th anniversary of the company, so this would be a gift for all frequent users of this service. is very easy, just follow the steps below will show you: Step 1: Open the browser you normally use and type in the URL address bar: Step 2: Once the charge is made, you will enter the homepage of Yahoo ! Step 4: When you have entered this page, you must click on the button Create an account. Each space indicates the data that must be included. registration Step 6: In the Yahoo User Name field, type the name of your email account. Please choose the type of extension you want: @ or @ ( the Country). User name can also choose a name that will easily identify your contacts, like your own name.

If your username is not available, you have several suggestions to choose from, but it is not mandatory.


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