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With one call, we can guide you through the process of inquiry, assessment and admission to the most appropriate level of care. Our Contact Center is staffed 24/7 with licensed clinicians trained to discuss each individual’s unique situation and determine the appropriate level of treatment required. Behavioral Health Solutions Our community needs improved access to behavioral healthcare.Admissions and Questions LOCAL 616.455.9200 TOLL FREE 800.678.5500 TTY 616.281.6446 Inpatient care is short-term, intensive treatment provided in safe and secure units designed for individuals who are experiencing significant behavioral health issues, the severity of which requires 24/7 monitoring and care for safety. Admissions and Questions LOCAL 616.455.9200 TOLL FREE 800.678.5500 TTY 616.281.6446 Partial Hospitalization (Day) Programs are suited for individuals who are experiencing behavioral health symptoms which cannot be adequately treated in a traditional outpatient setting, but are not severe enough to require 24/7 monitoring for safety. In our 2016 Annual Report you will read about a few of the ways we are responding to the call.“I can’t handle this,” you might think to yourself. The main thing to remember is that, in most cases, your partner’s illness does not define him or her. It is another layer that you must now decide whether or not you can not only tolerate, but accept and live with. The best way to know how best to deal with the harder days is to learn as much as you can about your partner’s condition.I am not only talking about what Web MD has to say about it.Our outreach programs work with many community organizations to provide support to those who have less access to care.

The Academy was born (a beautiful, scaly baby of an idea) when Kota and Kai Cheng (you can find out more about us on the Bios page!Still, here are a few suggestions for how to try to make it work with a significant other who is struggling, or how to let them go. Some days will be effortless, and others may be draining.The first thing that may come to mind when you first learn of your partner’s condition is to opt out. The answer is, you’ve gotten yourself into a relationship that you now realize may have a few additional obstacles, but what relationship doesn’t experience its hurdles anyway? That really depends on the nature of the condition as well as its severity.We wanted to celebrate the amazing ways that people find to survive and thrive against the odds. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to attend 8 weekly sessions of learning, sharing ideas, free (!!!!) food, art-making, discussion, role-playing, and story-swapping. Monsters shape the world.” ― Dear (Possible Future) MONSTER ACADEMY students, For a long time, we felt like monsters. When you feel helpless, like you might collapse underneath the weight of the secret of your monstrosity. When you feel hideous and slimy and out of control, like you might hurt someone, or maybe yourself, and you don’t know how to stop it.You know you’re superficially compatible, but what about the important things—values, life goals, political beliefs?Let’s say you care about this person enough to consider spending the rest of your life with them. How we had friends who sometimes hurt themselves, or even their girlfriends/boyfriends/partners, and no ever talked about why. We talked about how, all through high school and the years after, there were folks who were sad or angry all the time – so sad or angry that they couldn’t get up, hold jobs, go to school.


  1. Nutirition is emerging as one of the key ways to tackle cognitive aspects of mental illness, study finds.

  2. Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services offer behavioral and mental health services for all ages in Michigan and Iowa. Compassionate care for addiction, depression.

  3. Sep 28, 2017. Researchers interviewed a range of people with mental illnesses to learn more about their dating and romantic experience. Findings were surprising, poignant and insightful.

  4. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services MDHHS - Map of the Community Mental Health Services Programs

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