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My closing Thoughts: Students should be taught and have a full understanding of the colour wheel basic laws of colour prior to doing consultations others wise how can they possible come up with a correct formulation?

they also need to fully understand lift and deposit the effects of different levels of peroxide and the difference between permanent semi permanent Demi permanent and colour balancing all very basic stuff but key to understanding colour.

To be a great hairdresser requires continued education and up dating of skills and product knowledge, industry awareness is key to staying up with change keeping you in touch and relevant.

Consistently getting education will not only keep your skills and knowledge up to date but your clients will appreciate that you invest both time and money in you ability.

I thought ash was what you use to counteract yellow, but apparently it’s more for reddish colours. Quite the colour job and formula : a recipe for green hair?

So my first question is why is someone with no clear understanding of a colour wheel having consultation coming up with a half cocked formula?

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

Below I have cut and pasted a blog posted by a student hairdresser it’s colour correction posting . For it highlights some real issues relating to teaching standards and advise given to students and trainees.

She wanted lowlights to ease the transition while she grows her hair out (as she’s not going to continue to lighten her regrowth).Just goes to show that the porosity and condition of the hair plays a huge role in coloring it. The level 5N used with a 10 volume formulation did not give anything like target colour also over processing the hair more will cause fading this colour will not last.This was a poorly done job over seen by a very poorly trained or none caring teaching professional.The 5N being a natural level 5 would mask out the 5G completely when hair is totally over processed why would you lift it more 10 Volume peroxide? This is why the standards being taught are so poor no care attention to detail they should be working with the student through consultation into formulation giving sound advise! Dark streaks of level 5 brown, light yellow streaks of her original hair! I hoped it just looked halloween-y because it was wet and brought her back to my station, and started drying her hair.Back with our student: So after all the weaving, which took forever because I am so slow, we went to wash out the foils and I started freaking out a bit. The outside is always all smiles and “Hmm, everything is exactly how I expected. As it dried the worries faded, because it looked surprisingly good.Clients do notice when we try out new techniques be it cutting or colouring .What we have to remember is that we are being watched and criticized, even if its done in silence.Education is a very important part of being a stylist.It is one of the most important aspect of giving back and sharing but should be done by those with knowledge skill and passion .I started from ear level and weaved horizontal highlights all the way up her head, right up to the top, and it looked great when it was done – but boy oh boy was I off in my original color formula!Of course, the instructors look over your formulas on paper before you do anything, so it worked out in the end.


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