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Motorola sb 5101 updating

The SURFboard SB5100 also features a top-mounted stand-by button that quickly isolates the USB and Ethernet connection to the PC without disconnecting the cable modem from the RF network. skippydunbar, thats not true they dont support routers, but they dont NOT allow you to have them. And just about as desirable next to your computer, too.Great Modem, no problems with it, purchased one to lower monthly cable bill has paid itself off a long time ago. they only support their own routers VIA home networking customers :) otherwise just residential customers can do what they please, however if the modem is online and active but its your router thats having trouble then thats your problem, or your router manufactures problem : D anywho yea the motorola modems are GGRREEEAT! motorola sb5100 is like the da next best thing to the best thing out there....i`ve never had any other modem for 3 years....i`d say this is the best...confusing until u get one and experience the "troubleshooting free experience". Well, no matter what anyone says, the 5101 beats the pants off the hot runnng, connection losing Ambit modem they put on the end of my cable.Although the SB 5100/5101s are by all accounts reliable, the software is not 'user accessible' or 'user friendly' at all. And although I've never seen a EULA/TOS statement that prohibits the customers from trying to "help" themselves, apparently the customer is expected to tolerate the situations that others have mentioned here w/out making any efforts to resolve or aid the situation, especially the inability of either the cable companies, their tech support, or their customers to adjust or tweak the hardware.

The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP & Vista.Hello How can I make an software change or upgrade from motorola SB5101i with firmware SB5101- to firmware for motorola SB5101e (euro docsis).We need the modems to work on Euro Docsis standard.**Does anyone know how to change the cm's IP address? Comcast keeps pushing me the file for a 5100 which results in an error SW upgrade Failed after download - Incompatible SW file SW Download INIT - Via Config file d11_m_sb5100_speedtierextreme2_c01I spend 3 hours on the phone with various support folk last night to try to get the right file pushed, d11_m_sb5101_speedtierextreme2_c01.cm, with no luck. I initially thought I had problems with the modem, then the router, however it eventually (after 6 weeks of daily being knocked off every few hours) was discovered that the coax had been eaten through. If anyone can provide a fix for the following, as it would be great, may be that I've reached my bandwidth quota, so my isp is not letting my internet boost itself to the full of its speed.** I'm looking at getting this to replace my 3-yr old SB5100, which is erratically dropping the signal, requiring a power-off-power-on cycle to work again. We just dont see why we should provide free technical support, that is technical SUPPORT for Linksys, D link, Belkin or whatever brand your using. In addition all I have to do is have you read me the IP address on your computer and I immediatly know that you are using a router or if your not so bright, that you have your modem in standby. They are fast, reliable , stable, and long lasting work horses. They show my equipment as SB5101 but nobody had a clue about how to get me the right file. Cable One was the best about it once they knew what it was, new conduit to the house including digging under the road and never a charge for any of it even service calls. Only downside in the onboard interface is that it doesn't show you what upload/download speeds in KB that you are negotiated at, but all other information such as signal strength and frequencies are there. But that is probably because I rearly get the full 8Mb of bandwidth I'm paying for. And yes Comcast does not like it when they find out you have a router and multipal computers connected.. When they do show up, my big german sheppard ask's them to leave... they came out with two newer models which are wireless, making them a gateway SBG900 SBG1000 SBV5220 however the sbv5220 is actually a voice modem an Emta. btw if u had problems with this modem....a knock off..originals are simply outstanding!!! To change your IP address, if it's not static, is to release the IP address, unscrew the cable from the cable modem, turn off your pc, wait a few hours and reconnect and hook your cable back up. If you live in a small town, you may have to wait a day so someone else will connect and get your old address first. I've had this modem for two years now, using shaw internet service provider, and I was quite happy, as I used it for gaming, and my latency was quite nice to players close to me.Comcast has pushed updates that worked automatically with no user interaction from my end, didn't even know it happened till I went in and found a newer version of the software was in place, which provided the recent speed upgrade Comcast has doled out, 8mbps/256kbps with the speed tier which this Modem handles nicely. Does not network well at all with a wireless router (D-Link DI-524)! I'm tired of jumping through hoops to make a network. If I'm up in the middle of the night it is blindingly fast. But I just lie to them and say "No I dont have a router! I'd give the Motorola SB5100 a 4.5 out of 5 though I entered a "4." After 3 years it's worked flawlessly. Oh yeah, renew your IP address after you get running again. Then I reformatted my PC, and I ended up re-downloading all the default drivers of my PC that were needed, and my ping shot straight up, upto 300 ping, which is QUITE bad.So my 2 year old sb 5100 I'd rate at 5 though I am having a situation right now where if I don't use the internet for a period of time it seems to lose the connection. " pray-tell why does my modem seem to all of a sudden have this 71 ? However that's probably a problem with the pc or the router, not the modem (no settings for any of that). how can I access my pc when directly connected to it now. Thank you SG for providing the ip config address too, looked all over for that. I did it before by using my ip address, now I have two ips to get through. And since you admit you work for CC I figured I would spare myself the embarrassment of asking my boss whats up with dat. troubleshooting Windows IIS through a router led me to learn my modem is the culp. either I get it back to the way it was /brideged or what ever/ or learn how you expect me to access my server that way. The Motorola SURFBoard broadband "modem" is well-loved by most tech/help desk/support personnel & their cable company employers.


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