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They don’t want to hear that marriage isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. They’d settle for an imperfect marriage because, as far as they’re concerned, anything’s better than being single.For them, heaven is being with a man who will love them unconditionally. As they approach their 40th birthday the possibility of marriage seems increasingly remote. Sustained reflection on their situation in life can lead to profound disappointment.As often as we think we’re moving closer toward equality as a society, someone comes around and screws it up. It’s on the streets, it’s even in our pens and yogurt.And powerful people keep making sexist remarks, which it’s like, you’re in the public eye. Alex Bilmes, editor of Bilmes isn’t the only one to say something cringe-worthy.It’s often the case that single women don’t think beyond the first five years of marriage. Compatibility is overplayed but wise Compatibility has some merits. You’ve got to be clear that this is the person you’d like to have a go at spending the rest of your life with.When the implications of a mixed marriage are spelt out they find it emotionally distressing. But we need to help them appreciate the difficulties ‘ahead of the game’. It’s striking that in 1 Corinthians 7, Paul accepts taht a ‘mixed’ marriage could be so problematic that an unbeliever wants out. In a knee jerk reaction to the overly stringent standards that we look for in a prospective marriage partner, it’s been suggested that as long as the person is a Christian, of the opposite gender, unmarried and not a close relative then we should go for it. They may fit the four criteria but if you don’t actually like them all that much, the writing’s on the wall!It’ll mean that every bloke feels like he’s walked in on a church that caters for women but not men.

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It’s the thing that will make them unbelievably happy.If it’s all a bit of fun and romance then the warning lights ought to be flashing.This is a context within which there’s increased temptation and opportunity for inappropriate sexual activity. ‘Mixed’ marriages are fraught with difficulties At the start of their married lives few people are able to look into the future and predict the problems that will arise.I even found a few women who said things that made me shudder.But when you look up “sexist women quotes” you turn up “sexiest women” so…there’s that.Paul doesn’t share our negative view of singleness.The ‘spinster’ may be a figure of fun, but the great Apostle thinks she’s fortunate.They take on an an unbelieving boyfriend in the hope that he’ll respond to the gospel and become an eligible option for marriage. And it gives them sufficient reason to think that they might be able to repeat it. Singleness is not inherently worse than marriage The Bible teaches that both marriage and singleness have a central part to play in God’s purposes. He said that some will remain unmarried because they were born unable to marry, some will have singleness forced upon them by circumstances and still others will renounce marriage for the sake of the Kingdom [Matthew 19]. But the point is that being single isn’t the end of the world, or the end of a life. The Old Testament didn’t permit marriage with people who wern’t part of the old covenant people of God.Most people know at least one person who did this for whom it all worked out brilliantly. But no one really talks about the marriages that began to resemble car crashes. How do we approach what’s a matter of great sensitivity? The New Testament applies the same standards to the new covenant people of God. The believer and the unbeliever don’t share the same spiritual status, they don’t share the same spiritual priorities and they don’t share the same spiritual destination.But let’s not create the impression that life begins when you get married and everything’s on hold till then.And let’s not allow anyone to suggest that being single is second class.


  1. Certain women. But I do." - Gloria Allred quotes from "I'm not interested in dating. DATING QUOTES. quotes have been tagged as dating Greg Behrendt.

  2. Some of these quotes are not sexist, but are rather examples of confusion over the meaning of the word “feminist”. Yes, the correct meaning.

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