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Online updating of drivers 285 38

____ identifies many possible reasons for an issues or an error. Select one answer that applies correctly a/ Fish-Bone diagram b/ Histogram c/ Pareto analysis d/ Decision table8.

Error added by programmer intentionally in the code is called as _________ a/ Error seeding b/ Error handling c/ Error planting d/ Error guessing9.

Therefore, reading the code cannot be useful in any way a/ True b/ False11.

On othe website I have been scored full marks for this same question. I will be very thankful to you if you upload some ads. Error guessing Walkthrough Data flow analysis Inspections Question 3 CORRECT What is the purpose of test completion criteria in a test plan? But your page at supports my answer It would be much better if we don’t get repetitive questions when we attempt the quiz for next time. Need more questions and the questions must be shuffled.20 out of 20 questions answered correctly! To test our self that where we are in Software Testing. Which testing technique you will apply to find out possible issues in the application without running it a/ Classification tree b/ Equivalence Partitioning System c/ Boundary Value Analysis d/ Error Guessing3.

This free online software testing quiz will help you for self-assessment and prepare for other certification exams as well as software testing interview. But I am very confused with thedefinition of ‘Verification’. Your Score: 50% Your performance rating:- Average (Nice try, but you need more practice! )There were three more that I answered correctly but it marked them wrong when I submitted it. Software Testing Basics – Online Quiz Test Result: 20 out of 20 questions answered correctly! Regards Tauseef khan Software Test Engineer-QA [email protected] answer or the explanation provided here in this particular quiz for verification and validation is different and i think is wrong.

I think ‘checking that we are building right system’ is correct. And always I get confused with verification and validation [email protected] Syntax testing comes as part of code review done by development leads/peers of dev team (mostly) , this cannot be considered as black box Black Box is like u never look into code and test the application .syntax errors cannot be found unless u look into code (this will be taken care in white Box testers(mostly dev team)For verification and validation u can check my earlier response , i guess it should resolve your confusion. This looks yet another ISTQB or some certification questions. )Your answers are highlighted below.15 out of 20 questions answered correctly! Your Score: 100% Your performance rating:- Excellent! The concept is clearly explained in another article written in the same website.

The testing performed on data for performing the basic operation on it is called as ____ a/ CRUD Testing b/ Data Driven Testing c/ Data Validation techniques d/ Data Mining10.

To ensure the quality of software is a process that can only be made by using it.


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