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By age 19, while in college, my ethics fell by the wayside.My idea of a vegetarian diet was soda, chips and candy bars from the vending machines. By summertime, I was shopping at the farmer’s market every Thursday for fresh organic fruits and veggies. That summer and fall, I was eating about 75% vegan and 25% vegetarian.

At age 21 I lost about 35 pounds taking Fen-Phen—at first this drug was a Godsend because it took away any desire to eat. Unfortunately, it also made me jittery and according to my friends changed my personality.

At the same time, my mom was alarmed by my unexplained weight gain.

I never told her about the extra food I was eating.

My first experience with vegetarian eating was around age 15 when I heard Dr.

Michael Klaper speak at my high school in 1990 about the ethical issues surrounding eating—like not hurting animals.


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