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Pantyhose fetish dating site

I would imagine that, given the choice between two otherwise identical people, most women would choose the guy who doesn't have a strong fetish.It would make it more difficult for the woman to feel attractive, knowing that it wasn't her own sexual essence, but rather some external stimulus, that most excited her partner.:-)I'd taken a few months off of POF, because of focusing on some family, work and other projects around the holidays, but would be interested in getting together and spending time getting to know more in the area. Feel free to be honest, I am a big boy and tend to respect authentic people who are open and sincere about their feelings.Trust me, I'll respect you, even if you choose to hate me because I like different things. :-)Bret I think perhaps this would fit better in the sex and sexuality forum, given that you label it a fetish yourself.Those are conclusions I draw from observation over time.So yes, I did read your profile, and no, I don't believe your first couple of paragraphs just because you say so.Since you're a stranger to me, I make no assumption that you're any better or worse than: Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Peter Popoff and other sanctimonious blow-hards.

Other than that why would you want to wear pantyhose?Now, having said that, I'm a guy and therefore not qualified to answer.If you DO find a girl with a similar fetish, you're probably gonna end up happier than 99.9% of people here.;-)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^May I ask if you get distracted during the service to look at the ladies in panty hose ?There is a thread on hose/panty hose fetish in the sex forums you may want to dig up.They are hot, get ladders, are difficult to put on and take off at appropriate moments. Surely you're not referring to the type of "action" most people reading this thread THINK you're referring too, right? The first couple paragraphs clearly state that I do not believe in premarital sex, and I'm not looking to "score" with a woman I meet on an online dating site.Good for making your legs shiny or keeping them warm in winter. However, I will invite her to attend church with me, if she's willing to be extended a no obligation invitation.But it's probably the kind of thing you don't want to bring up on the first date. We're all either going to ride our own wave or endlessly beat ourselves up over whatever the hell random thing it is that floats our boat.Well you kind of talk in circles around your fetish, so it maqy be harder to gardner a response on how people w ill react to your fetish.In general, I think that fetishes are totally okay to indulge in with a partner as long as the interaction is fundamentally about the two of you, and not just the fetish.As long as your sex lives are balanced and fulfilling for both partners, I see no problem with it.


  1. Join Our Pantyhose Community! Pantyhose Community is an exclusive dating site catering to those interested in pantyhose and foot fetishes. Our site provides an avenue.

  2. I'm curious how open minded women are about dating a kind and friendly, down-to-earth and easy going guy who has a fetish for pantyhose. I've found that for some.

  3. Welcome To Pantyhose Dates! Pantyhose Dates is an dating site perfect for those who are looking for a partner that would like to share a fetish for pantyhose and nylon.

  4. Meet singles who share your love of pantyhose. Sign up for Pantyhose Chat City and start making. who share your fetish. this dating site MUST be 18.

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