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Park yoochun dating 2016

i hope see her in another historical korean drama like yi san finally please don,t use her as negative role this is not match with han ji min characters. i seriously fall in love your drama Lee San wind of the palace.it up! XOXO Mary From australia Please watch her performance in Padam Padam. great chemistry between her and Jung Woo-Sung oppa, interesting plot, and absolutely perfect ending.

Your performance in "rooftop prince" was superb, no wonder you won so many awards for that drama. her lovely and cute appearance is suite for every romantic and comedy drama like as yi san and rooftop prince.

She is very optimistic with any role as actress and her beauty is very unique with two bold side: cute and lovely appearance that help her to effect on any audiences so much.

I like her acting so much in any shows that I have seen so that ther are amaizing me always.

But instead of blaming someone else's fault just think that life is not all about having all the positive/ good fortune in everything you do. and hopin' she can find a man who truly care and make her happy. I like Han Hi ji Min's acting very much..., plz do such a wonderful acting continued... Park yuchun and Han ji min - superb couples .that roof top prince .. But the most attractive part is the leading couple, that is you and Park Yoo Chun: there is such magical chemistry between the two of you.

Unless if she's okay with a lesbian relationship... Given to the kind of story, the people you work with, and even the atmosphere in the set are just few of the things to reconsider. However, by chance I watched the 1st episode of Rooftop Prince and I was hooked. The story was interesting, all the actors and actress have good acting skills, including the actor and actress who acted as Yong Tae Wu and Sena.

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Looking forward to see you more in superb acting and selected good dramas.Deep inside I am hoping for you and Yoochun to find happiness in each other.But I will just patiently wait for that to happen :) More power to you, our goddess Han Ji Min Han jin Min is one of the best korean actress that I have seen yet.Like Yoo Chun said, I believe you have all the good traits and the kind heart of PArk Ha.I wish all the best in your future TV serials or movies. I don't want to point out something, but in the film industry there're so many factors that sometimes affect the result of an actress/ actors act in front of the camera. Hello Ji Min, I normally do not watch Korean TV serial. Some people here are a bit disappointed of the latest portrayal of Han Ji Min. Your such an awesome and talented acts Han Ji Min.. Anyone must have loved her even more after watch that drama.Over all, The wind in The Palace (Yi San ) is an excellent and one of the best Drama of all time. Your name pronouce ( almost sound like in your language ) and write in Vietnamese : XUÂN DUNG I rate you ( Sung Song Yeon and Han Ji Min 4 and 2/3 STARS **** 2/3 * Cute as as button!The kind of woman who automatically has even the coarsest of men moving more delicately and speaking softer.Beside korean famous actors she is always the best and admirable.The best her casting was as Song Seong Yeon in Yi San and then Park Ha in Rooftop Prince.


  1. Lucid Dream' starring Park Yoo Chun announces rescheduled premiere date. 28, 2016. Oh Yea! Park Yoochun can't be. Lee Kwang Soo and Jeon So Min are dating.

  2. Park Min-young Redirected from. War of the Son on SBS from late 2015 to early 2016. Best Couple Award with Park Yoochun Won

  3. Hjmismylove Oct 15 2016 am I really want to see u in the small screen and your choice for coming drama will bring you all the best of fame. I sinerely love you.

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