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While Otto comes across as a very caring husband and father, clearly the film agrees with Annie's diagnosis.

Otto is flabbergasted when she announces she wants a divorce — or, rather, when her therapist (Celia Weston) does, in a comically infuriating scene.

So to be the director and say, “this could be funny” — and I’d have to sometimes argue that with producers sometimes when they’d say, “I don’t understand why that’s in here.

For some reason, when celebrities are around Ryan, they just say whatever the f**k they feel like saying, and in the case of Paul Schneider, what he felt like saying was, “I basically don’t give a sh*t about acting.

That film sent me to film school, which was not at all in the cards.

Fourteen years later, when I got a call from Jane Campion, that was weirder, and then we made “Bright Star.” Now, Jan Chapman and I are friends, and that to me is extraordinary.

The versatile actor who enacted the role of Henderson in ' Beloved' raised many eyebrows when he tells Vera that he is gay.

If you’re not familiar with Screencrush’s Mike Ryan — formerly of Huff Po — he has some weird interviewing mojo that seems to disarm his interviewees, and as a result, he often gets weirdly candid answers.

And I was very happy for the experience to be involved and those guys really figured out what it is they’re doing.

If people want to be hippie-dippy about how they approach acting, then that’s great.

I studied editing at film school and I’ve never taken any acting classes and probably have suffered because of it.


  1. Paul Schneider, Actor All the Real Girls. Paul Schneider was born on March 16, 1976 in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for All the.

  2. Know more about Paul Schneider Wiki, Married, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay. Paul Schneider was born in the year 1976 on 16th of March and this makes his age 38 at

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