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This particular neck, GUITAR DEPT 3, was a fretless neck made for Charley Gressett, and was, literally, the third neck carved on the gunstock carving machine at Peavey.

“Hartley was always making suggestions about ‘massaging’ the shapes of guitar bodies, so maybe he was thinking of that old sketch when he guided me with the shaping of the Mystic,” said Stolte.While the Mystic had a scorpion-like look, the Razer looked like nothing else – and neither guitar set the woods afire, sales-wise.Among the few notable users of early modernistic Peaveys were Mark Farner (then of Grand Funk Railroad), who played a custom-made three-pickup Mystic, and Mississippi blues man James “T-Model” Ford, who performed with a Razer. The Mystic and Razer were the first Peaveys to list vibratos as an option, and in ’84 were joined by a third modern guitar – the single-pickup Mantis.Some of the very first necks have pennies in them instead of production slugs. Some of the earliest production models sported this type of rub-on transfer, however there arent many of them out there.If you find one with a coin in it, it was likely a prototype that slipped out of the factory somehow. This particular neck had all zeros for a serial number.That fixed the problem (obviously this wasnt the production method).Also, the neck tilt mechanism was designed to rest up against a slug.Brantley Gilbert loves the signature sound of his Peavey Composite Acoustics GX Carbon Burst guitar.This finely crafted instrument provides everything and more for his soulful blend of Country and hard-hitting Rock N' Roll. Hartley Peavey’s credo to offer dependable gear at reasonable prices carried over to the used/vintage guitar market, even if some of his company’s creations looked rather peculiar.Welcome the the "fun-facts" section of Chip's Corner.


  1. Pick up a lap steel from popular brands like Gibson, Gretsch, Peavey, and Rickenbacker from Reverb today. Gold Tone LS-8 Hawaiian-Style 8-String Lap Steel Guitar Tobacco Brown. Dating back to the late 1800s, the lap steel guitar has been gracing bluegrass, country, and, eventually, music of myriad genres.

  2. This particular neck, GUITAR DEPT 3, was a fretless neck made for Charley Gressett, and was, literally, the third neck carved on the gunstock carving machine at Peavey. There were multiple guitars with zero serial numbers floating around in the early days. These were primarily non production units, and were not.

  3. Serial Number Chart For Acoustic and Classical Guitars. Back to the list · Go to Product Information. Last Update 08/02/2011. serial number acoustic color acoustic a2 color acoustic a5 color acoustic a9 color acoustic a12 color acoustic a15 color corrected.

  4. Peavey Composite Acoustics and Raincatchers. Composite Acoustics, Peavey's line of premium carbon fiber acoustic guitars, partnered with members of the clean water organization Raincatchers to bring guitar instruction and enjoyment to the people of Haiti. Read the full article.

  5. Aug 19, 2016. The Peavey 6505 is such a monster. In this review we'll take a look at what makes the 6505 the best metal amp in the world. Of course this is just my opinion, but I am not alone! With a legacy dating back over two decades the Peavey 6505 has hacked out a reputation for thick, high-gain metal sounds.

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