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It is a companion product to v Center and installed via the v Center Installer.

Now, we all know that v Cloud Director 5.1 makes heavy use of profile-driven storage, and this it seems is a direct link in with v Centers supporting Pv DCs (which makes sense).But while engaging support for some other problem, I asked about this as a sidenote and the supporter immediately recalled two KB articles: Change the collection level for Storage DRS and SIOC data counters in v Sphere 5.0 by using the Level Mapping Utility Change the collection level for Storage DRS and SIOC data counters in v Sphere 5.0 Update 1 by using the Level Mapping Utility These articles provide a small Powershell script, the “Level Mapping Utility” which allows you to manipulate the statistics level affiliation of any performance counter, or at least it seems so. First we can confirm the current statistics level of all counters and we’ll see how the “Per Device Level” (per VM in my case) of the IOPS counters I’m interested in is at 3.Not so good: The Set-Function to actually change statistics levels can read from a CSV-File about the counters and how they are supposed to be manipulated. However, I decided to explore the possibility of using Power CLI to fix these registrations. You still have to ssh into the v COPs UI vm and update the vi Client file, but that's easy enough.Turns out you can and the change is immediate, so you don't have restart the v Center service. After updating from v Center 4.1 to 5.0 quite some time ago, I noticed how my custom scripts collecting historical VM-level performance statistics suddenly logged zero-values for the IOPS counters datastore.number Read Averaged.average and datastore.number Write Averaged.average of all VMs.Turns out someone decided those statistics weren’t worth collecting in the long run anymore with 5.0 or something and simply moved them to the v Center statistics collection level 3, which is more of a verbose troubleshooting level with lots of usually uninteresting counters.Please note that — as of v4.1 — VUM cannot scan non-Red Hat distributions of Linux, nor can it remediate any Linux guests with OS patches, only applying updates for VM Hardware and VMTools.Windows guests from XP or above can have OS patches installed — even up to full Service Packs — while online or offline.The by default provided CSV-File will change the statistics level for a lot of other counters too: As I’m only interested in two distinct counters for now and don’t want to blow up my database too much, I simply removed all other lines and ran it with that.Update Manager is VMware’s patching product, and is used for updating ESX/ESXi hosts, virtual appliances and guest machines.


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