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Pro cons of interracial dating

They never trusted that I wasn’t racist and they always pointed out how “Latinas are more beautiful” and would tell me all the ways in which I didn’t measure up as a woman.

It seemed they always had to “remind” me that I wasn’t better than them…as if I wasn’t aware.

They would encourage my husband to see me as less than a whole woman, simply because I wasn’t Latina. In the end, we had to cut ties with them and move out of state to feel like we could breath because they were always trying to control my husband’s life and judge every decision that he made.

When it came to the point that they questioned our daughter’s racial identity and said that I wasn’t fit to raise her because I wasn’t Mexican, we’d had enough. For my husband, it was a very similar response from my family, but I would venture to say that there was no romance period for him.

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To all the interracial couples out there, I just want to say…I know where you’re coming from.

For her, this was like a double blow…now, not only did she have a white girl in her family to “water down” the genes, but the girl had no status and was completely useless in any plans she might have to elevate her appearance amongst Latinos.

My status within the family dropped day by day and I was constantly reminded by her and my sister-in-law that I was an outsider.

He won’t be able to provide for you.” Yeah, this amplifies when your husband is discriminated against at work, denied promotions, reprimanded at every turn, becomes the first to have his hours cut and has no choice but to listen to, and to some degree accept, racial stereotypes and slurs at work.

Is there any good way to explain this to a family that already sees your husband as “flawed” because he’s “Mexican”?


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