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More than a decade since the bare-all Brazilian wax became a fixture of many women’s grooming routines, some feel a return to hairy crotches can’t come soon enough.

Over the years, the fad for hairlessness has been criticized as damaging to female body image.

The problem is that pubic hair isn’t just unfashionable.

“Or some male icon says, ‘I find women with pubic hair much more sexy — she smells great and you can sense her pheromones and she looks more natural,’ ” says Jansen.

Feminists have argued it fetishizes a prepubescent appearance.

It has been responsible for physical pain, too: a 2012 report showed emergency-room pubic injuries from shaving had shot up.

And in 2012, the brand did make waves with an older model with long, grey hair in a clothing line aimed at middle-aged women.) But is slapping a merkin on a mannequin really going to help make the natural look appealing to the average woman?

Or does the fact that a lady’s untrimmed mons pubis has such power to shock us an indication of the opposite — that shaving is here to stay? It seems to be a general truism that once a body part is shorn of its hair and its hairless version becomes the accepted default in mainstream culture, it is unlikely that the fuzzy version will return to the norm.


  1. Own fetish, to the widespread attention Brazilian waxing has received in the media, pubic hair removal is merely. hair, most significantly Louise Tondeur who, in her essay “A history of pubic hair, or reviewersʼ responses to Terry Eagletonʼs After. of messages — and hence the follow-up chat. Angela is funny and blunt.

  2. Jan 26, 2014. The problem is that pubic hair isn't just unfashionable. A fuzzy pudendum, even neatly trimmed, has become viewed as dirty, says Jansen. Consider this hairy labia are so outside the mainstream in pornography that porn that featured pubic hair would be considered niche and classified in the fetish section.

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