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There were things happening that I didn’t approve of; there were things happening that they weren’t happy about; there were rumors put out that I was missing shows and I’ve never missed a show, ever.

Lord knows I’ve been wanting to do this for years now.

After week five, there were only ten dancers remaining in the competition.

After Johnson made it into the top ten, she was separated from Sandoval because of the rules for the top 10 competition.

She then moved down to Las Vegas, NV and trained at The Dance Zone, under the direction of other Colobella daughter Kaydee Francis and partner Jami Artiga.

Before training in dance, Johnson had a previous background in gymnastics.

Before auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, Johnson was going on to her fourth year of being a dancer.

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Franklin is best known for her role in Destiny’s Child after she and Michelle Williams suddenly replaced La Tavia Roberson and Le Toya Luckett in February 2000.The pair performed a disco routine during week one, a contemporary routine during week two, a rumba during week three, a hip hop during week four, and a jive during week five.The couple landed themselves in the bottom three couples only once which was during the first week.On Kevin's date at Santa Monica Pier, he tries to take Dr.It's been 15 years since Destiny's Child fans said hello and goodbye to Farrah Franklin.train when she was cast as an extra in the group's 1999 video for "Bills, Bills, Bills." At the time, she was in a group of her own called Jane Doe, but that seemed to be going anywhere but up.She was the sixth member to join the Houston-bred quartet after Le Toya Luckett and La Tavia Roberson were dismissed after their two-year stint with Destiny's Child -- the group initially formed in 1990 as Girl's Tyme, but was signed to Columbia Records under their famed sobriquet in 1996 -- and Michelle Williams secured the first newly opened spot.With the talent that's out now, is there a specific lane your music fits in or anyone that you think would be direct competition?But, I have some songs that are I guess you can consider them alternative, pop, some songs that are ratchet, some trap beats.I’ve been in Atlanta now for about a year, and I’ve been working on songs for maybe six or seven months.Are you grateful for the experience that was given to you?


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