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THE HUMAN BEING IN A DISTORTING MIRROR OF THE ECONOMIC THEORY The article discusses the type of human being becoming an object to the economic theories.

The author presents simplifications and deviations which make the theory inadequate; unable to satisfy practical needs and to provide high rates of socio-economic development.

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THE INFLUENCE OF CORPORATE DIVESTMENT ON THE SHAREHOLDERS PROSPERITY: SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCE The research reflects the results of divestment phenomenon on the basis of South African example.

The notion of technological trajectory in innovational system is introduced. SIBERIA IS THE RUSSIAN COLONY The article presents a historical sketch of Siberian exploration: the appropriation of its wealth and territory by the Russian Empire and its adaptation in both pre-revolution and post-revolution periods.

The issue of Siberian development is discussed – the way of colonial exploration as a dominating scenario.

THE RUSSIAN UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL: TOWARDS NEW INSTITUTIONS The article analyses a socio-cultural educational environment in higher institutions both in Russia and in the world.

It is characterized by a change in the basic cultural function of higher education.


  1. Functions of online service «Google Health». Salamatova M. S. Absenteeism in the Context of the Soviet Electoral Campaign of 1920s

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