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This temple is sapporled by 120 massive pillars, of which ^5 zre detached, and tlie others built in the walls.

The number of columns in the aisles and upper galleries is ^gy^ eaieh of a single stone.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. • ' * * * * ' 2 Digitized by Google f III , GAIi IGHAlir S NBW IPAIEIIS (&Iiril IE)]B« OOHTAim VO A dc Uikd ttid accimte De Miiptio Bof all tkc Pn Uic Edificet, Gafdens, etc. Stntc Cooncib, Chambers of Peers and Depu- ties, King's Household, Poblic Offices, etc. He exercises vigilance over hawkers and pedlars ; the safety, lighting, and cleaning of the public ways ; the arrival, station, and unlading of boats upon the Seine ; the baths, brokers, porters, hackney-coaches and their drivers. It is composed of physicians, surgeons, apothecaries, scientific men, and even veteri- narysargeons, who consider upon themeans of preserving the public health of the capital, preventing diseases, dan- gers, or accidents caused by deleterious substances or emanations, and remedying their fatal influence. Hei*e passports for the departments of France and foreign countries ai'e deliwrcd and v U^s, (See Introduction. a i , cour du Harlay, at the Prefectnre.— At this office cei-tificates are delivered to worlunen, without which they cannot ob- tain w^ork in any shop or of any master. 9, rue Chanoinesse, en la Citi.— New weights and measures are verified and punched at this office before they can )x; used in commerce; and inspectors verify every year those ali^ady in use by tradesmen. ITie commissaries are in continual communication w^ith the people, and attend to the complaints they may have to make. — This military corps, which is subject to the orders of the prefect of police, is composed of six companies of foot and horse, who are charged to Digitized by Google J of publid ib-officeri 48 ADMINISTa ATIOM OP THB POLICE, watch by day and iii|rht, for the maintenance order ; the total force is 4^ officers, and 1 486 suh-offic». Thei J barracks are situated in the rue Moiij OTetard, the Minimei! Their clotlics are hung up near them, as an additional means of recognition. — ^This chamber assembles on Wednesdays at the Exchange, where the secretai^'s ol Bce is open daily. Stephen, to whom the first church on this spot was dedicated. Germain FAuxerrois, in niches on the sides, were destroyed iu 1^93. Martin giving half his mantle to a poor man who begs alms; and Christ, accompanied by two angelsi, carrying to heaven the soul of St. In nidies are two Jarge statues of Moses and Aaron.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. ; an Accouit o T tlie Pobtical, Sdendllc, Goib- mercial, Rdiaona, aad Moral bmitnticma of the Gamtal; an Abatnct TOWir OP TKISAILUU j AL80 COHTAnil TG A^FLAN FOK TBim NG PABIg m A HVEBK; A COHV4AATTVm OCALB OF WBIORTS AVB Ma ASUAIS, TALt B Ik, OF cotas,. Digitized by Google PUBLTC LTiu; Ail Y Pr8M93B ASTOk, LENOX AND • ■ • ». VAGI Litrodactioii i Plan for viewi Bg Paris in a week i Tiii List of Newspapers, Maguinet, etc • Ixi Puis Diieetocy \xx List of Daties on forcien Goods entexing England Ixt Chnp Cer I. Their entrance into employment is certified by the commissary of police of their master's residence ; and their quitting it, by the . Their residence is known at night by a square lantern hung at the door. of tlie Place-Royale, the nies da Faobonrg Sc.-Martin^ and de Toumon . If not claimed, the} arc buried at the public expense, and the Entreprise dei Pompes Fun^res is bound to furnish a coi&u and shixud Digitized by Google COm CSACIAL BSTABLISBMBSITS. It consists of the prefect of tlie de- partment and fifteen i^espectablc linkers or merchants, whose duty it is to present to the government their views upon the means of ameliorating commerce, lliey also superintend the constiiictiou of ptd)Uc buildings connected with commerce, and take care tliat the laws and regulations against smuggling are executed. \jm^m A Pmum irr Cal%i iii« L rue de la Michodidre. In ike pedi^ ment ai*e five bas-i^liefs representing St. The grand noi*thern« porch, Poriail septenlrional^ presents nearly the same genci^al appearance as tlxat of the south.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. It equals 0.26419 English gallon, and the hectolitre :=2Mn Winchester bushels. IX Lact W , the gramme, wfakk is cbe weight of a cii Ihc etntimhre of distiued w&tcr, of the temperature of melling ice (the greatest condensatio D), is the element of all weights, and equals 16.434 Eneilisb grains troj. — ^The sjrsieme usuel has the metrical itan- dards for its basis, but their diidsions are binary ; and instead of the new nonencktnrc, the names of the ancient weights and Mutasurrs are used, annexing the term utuel to each. ter is eairied oil' by a j;iieiit nnndxu' of lit formed of a frame of chest tiut-w^ood, ij56 sheets of lead-, weighing; altogether The \[Mti of tbf?

Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. K% the systeine nsud has the metre and gramme for its basis, any ot its driisions auty be easily computed. They have thii*ty-one guard-houses, besides stations* at the abat- toirs and theativs, and two floating engines. The witnesses of an accident are bound to afibrd the first aid, and call the nearest physician or surgeon ; or make it known to the nearest military |Kst or com- missary of police. is given to any one that picks up a drowning person if restored ; and i5 fr. Foity-nine sets of appa- ratus for succour are dei)Ositcd u|Ksitpd for three days the bodies of unknown jx^rsons who arc drowned, or who meet with sudden, accidental, or vio- lent death in the public ])laces. On the sides of the church are three porches, one on the south and two on the north, that are high Jj wortfarf of attention.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The following, howe Ter, are the contents of its principal units in English mea- sure: — The toise unielie of 2 metres equals 6 feet 6 ■)ited goodfi, and unwholesome provisions offered for sale; verifies weights and measures, and seizes such as are below the standard ; affoi^ assistance to drowned or suffocated persons ; fixes the price of bread ; suppresses in the capital all estaljlishments inju- rious to health ; and superintends the supply of Paiis with meat, corn, and other provisions. bc Yongft to Kim to apprehend and bring to justice all persons accused of misdenieanors or crimes. —This council is held at the pre- fecture eveiy other Friday. -^In each of tlie forty-eight quariiers of Paris resides a commissary of police, who superintends its deanlines B and lighting; takes cogni- zance of misdemeanors; makes the first examination of crimes and ofiences ; delivers passports upon the attes- tation of t Vi O householders, and the certificates neces- sary for strancfers to obtain caries de silretd, or to have tliem renewed. They arc laid upon slanting tables of black marble, open to the public^ io order that they maybe recognised by those intei*estcd in their fate. The southern porch, called /'onftuf «$*/.- Marcely was built in i^Sj, and is ornamented with scenes from the history ot St.

Cabinet of Medals and Antiques, and Cabinet of Engravings at the Bib Uothcque du Roi, Tuesdays and Fridays, from ten o'clock till two. Foreigners daily, from twelve to four o'clock, on pro- dacing passport. Oratoieb, rne St.-Honore, three in English, also at ten on the first Sunday of every month. Tke draidi of St.-Eustaehe may be considered as tlie transitioti kon the Gothic to the Greek and Roman styles of ardutedare, as it presents some fine atid delicate or* ■ajne Dl B,noknovm to the ancient Gothic.

Students and Authors e^ery day, except Sundays and Ho Uda^fs. Hotel Maebosuf, Champs Elysees, morning, half past eleven; evening, in summer six, in winter three. In the churclies of Paris it is easy to distinguish four ov^ five different styles of architecture, which bear the im-du-Mont, which is Digitized by Google no Tms-PAJi B. Several of these edifices arc dishgared by modern fronts.


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