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Responsibility for law and order was divided into the six ministries led by chancellors of state (during the Ayutthaya and Thonburi eras); in time of war, police units were under royal command as part of the army.Only during the reigns of King Mongkut (Rama IV) and King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) did the nation see a huge reform and the Westernization of Thai law enforcement forces to adapt to the changing situation and needs of the country.

The RTP employs between 210,700 and 230,000 officers, roughly 17 percent of all civil servants (excluding military and the employees of state-owned enterprises).It acquired a new name, in English, the "Royal Thai Police" (RTP).The title of its commander was changed from "Director-General of the TNPD" to "Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police". The BPP and the PARU were largely creations of the US CIA.Crime Suppression Division, one of the bureau's largest components, is responsible for conducting most of the technical investigations of criminal offenses throughout the kingdom.Its Emergency Unit copes with riots and other public disorders, sabotage, counterfeiting, fraud, illegal gambling operations, narcotics trafficking, and the activities of secret societies, and organized criminal associations.More than 10,000 served in the Metropolitan Police.Quasi-military in character, the TNPD was headed by a director general, who held the rank of police general.It is headed by a commander who reported to the police commissioner-general, and administered through four police regions—geographic areas of responsibility similar to those of the army regional commands.This force provides police services to every town and village throughout the kingdom except metropolitan Bangkok and border areas.In the late-1950s and 1960s, "The BPP and PARU were integral in U. and Thai counterinsurgency efforts." The BPP, other than protecting the borders, countered "infiltration and subversion..." and operated "as guerrilla forces in enemy held areas" such as northeast and southern Thailand.The PARU was a small unit used on clandestine missions outside Thailand.


  1. Dec 31, 2013. U5MR by sex 2012, female. 11. Infant mortality rate under 1, 1990. 31. Infant mortality rate under 1, 2012. 11. Neonatal mortality rate 2012. 8. Total population thousands 2012. 66785. Annual no. of births thousands 2012. 701.6. Annual no. of under-5 deaths thousands 2012. 9. GNI per capita US$.

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  3. Because at the end of every month, money from gambling dens, entertainment venues, the sex trade, human trafficking, drugs and whatnot are routinely sent to them." The post was immediately deleted. Then the Facebook page was deleted altogether. The supervisor of the junior policeman in charge of the page said it was.

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